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The Best Jobs for Women – One of These Could be Your Calling

Are you a fresh graduate looking for your first job or someone getting back to work after a break?

Making a career choice is not easy.

Women today have conquered all the bastions that were previously male dominated. That, however, doesn’t mean you have to go for a job that you are not comfortable with to just prove a point.

The best jobs for women are the ones they are comfortable with. The best professions for women could be software development, engineering, space research, medicine, or teaching. It is what you find inspiring.

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Here are the best jobs for women that we could curate basis the information available on the Internet. We have also provided educational qualifications required for each job so that it’s easy for you to know the direction you need to take to reach your dream job.

  • Software Developer: This is among the most popular jobs for women with a computer science degree. The reasons range from pick-up and drop facility to flexi working hours. Moreover, various reputed organisations prefer to hire women in software development roles not only to balance the gender inequality but also because women come with different perspectives and orientations.

    Educational Qualification:
    To be a software engineer one needs to have a professional BTech or B.Sc. degree from any top recognized institution.
  • Human Resource Officer: Women are great at people management and this profession has a lot of scope for potential women candidates. This profession allows a woman to work in various roles, it could be payroll management, employee engagement, or recruitment.

    Educational Qualification
    : To start your professional journey as a Human Resource officer, one should take up a degree in human resource management.
  • Social Media Consultant: Social media marketing can be a great job opportunity for women who know how to make the use of social media for the larger good. The major advantage of a social media marketing job is many organisations do not require you to be physically present in the office. Such type of jobs usually has an option to work from home for women. 

    Education Qualification:
    Social media consulting is a profession that demands specific skills and to gain such skills and knowledge one should prefer a course in digital marketing, B.A. Mass Communication, or MBA in Marketing.
  • Financial Analyst/ Banker/ Charted Accountant/ Portfolio Manager: There are great opportunities for women in finance. Various companies in this sector that have women at the top, which ensures that these companies have women-friendly policies. These could be maternity leaves, child care facilities, or flexi working hours.

    Education Qualification
    : To make a career in finance one should take a degree in B.Com., M.Com., CA, or MBA in Finance.
  • Data Entry Jobs: Data entry jobs are the most common jobs for housewives, moms, and students. These jobs give flexibility for women to work from home and earn basis completed assignments.

    Educational Qualification
    : Data entry jobs can be taken up with the basic educational qualification i.e. graduation in any field.
  • Affiliate Marketeer: This profession can be an online job opportunity for women with unlimited growth potential. You need to have an understanding of how to get web traffic and how to convert it to earn revenue.

    Educational Qualification
    : This is one of the major marketing profiles hence, most companies prefer to hire professionals with a degree in MBA (Marketing).
  • Teacher/ lecturer: Teaching is one of the most respected and popular jobs for women. Most schools and colleges prefer women academicians. Women who love sharing their knowledge and helping others can take up this job.

    Educational Qualification:
    To work as a teacher one should take a degree in B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Phil., or PhD.
  • Air Hostess: It is another popular dream career for women. Air Hostess is one of the highly paid professions for women. The major skills required are excellent communication, cheerful disposition, and the ability to keep calm under intense pressure. If you have these skills, this could be the right career choice for you.

    Educational Qualification:
    To pursue this career, one should have basic education and an aviation diploma from a registered air hostess training institute.

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