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What Every Professional Can Learn From the Avengers

The decade long journey of the Avengers, which started with the first Ironman movie, has concluded with Avengers: End Game. And what a journey it has been. From introducing multiple heroes with rich backstories to introducing layered villains, each of whom tested our superheroes in different ways. Each superhero movie, while complete in its own way, worked perfectly even in crossovers. It is, therefore, not surprising that the first two Avengers movies individually grossed over $400 million in its lifetime, with the third movie set to easily cross this record.

This, though is not just a fan blog. It aims at highlighting an important point – as working professionals, are there any lessons we can learn from the Earth’s mightiest heroes? An obvious one is that whenever individuals, superstars in their own right, are brought together to solve a problem, it can only end in success. But is that all there is to it? If the Avengers movies are anything to go by, ego clashes and insecurity are inevitable, even amongst such a talented bunch.

In an office, where people with different attitudes and values come together, such problems are not new. But like in the movie where a common goal binds everyone and forces them to resolve their issues, at the workplace too focussing on something bigger than ourselves or looking for the good in the situation can be a problem solver.

What about Avengers as individuals? How are they relatable? Let’s find out.

Angry Hulk vs calm Banner

Bruce Banner has two avatars – the mild-mannered scientist and the angry Hulk. While he is an Avenger in both avatars, different situations demand one of the two. This analogy can be applied to today’s professionals as well. He has to be calm and collected at times, and assertive and direct in others, depending on the workplace situation.

Multitasking Iron Man

Tony Stark is a billionaire, genius inventor, philanthropist, and a successful businessman. He is also Iron Man, Avengers’ most influential member. The fact that despite donning many hats, he has time to save the world, talks highly of his time-management skills. Extend this to the professional world wherein each of us have multiple responsibilities. Be it at work or home, we are always short of time. Only those that can manage time well and multitask effectively can rise to Tony Stark’s stature.

The consistent Captain America

No matter how dire the situation, the Avengers always look up to Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. While the Super Soldier has the chops to go toe-to-toe with the most powerful beings in the Universe, it is his value-system that makes him the cornerstone of the team. In today’s corporate world, a strong value system and ethics are essential for a business to sustain itself in the long run.

Thor – the God

When lightning strikes, Thor is close by. This perfectly sums up what the God of Thunder is all about. And while he can start ‘star-forges’ with his bare hands, it is what he did when he lost his powers that make him interesting. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, he made the most of what he had to win the day.

Similarly, there are times when things don’t go the way you want. Maybe you are not given your due credit in a project or are relegated to the side lines. Or there may be times when you get all the limelight and its success makes you feel like a god. No matter what happens, it is crucial to be your own cheerleader and give your best where you are. In the long-run, it’s how we respond in failures is what truly leads us to success.

We are all superheroes, as one song goes, it is up to us to realise our full potential. However, if you are exploring for a new job or switching careers, there is no Endgame for the opportunities available through Monster. Sign up on MonsterIndia.com today.

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