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Teacher Jobs Vacancies

One of the most evergreen professions, teaching is still in demand across the country, and the world. The pandemic forced schools to carry on remotely and this shift nudged teachers to upskill, get savvy with technology, and re-imagine their teaching practices. 

In this scenario what is the scope and opportunity for job-seekers to land good teaching jobs? Well, the public and private sectors are rife with teaching jobs and talented, qualified, and passionate individuals can build fulfilling career paths as teachers. 

This article explores the opportunities, and how you can go about grabbing them. 

How to get a teaching job?

One of the most effective ways for job-seekers to discover the best teaching jobs is via job portals such as Monster. Fine tune your search via parameters such as experience levels, geography, and job roles. Visit such platforms at least once a day so that you can view the latest postings. However, if this is not possible, create a job alert that gets you relevant jobs to your inbox, once a day or the frequency you want to choose. 

What are the top skills required for a teaching job?

To be eligible, you must have completed one of the following programmes with an aggregate of 50% marks - B.Sc.-B.Ed., B.A.-B.Ed., B. Com-B.Ed., B.Ed., D.Ed. or B.T.C. 

Teachers must leverage a mix of the following skills for the best results:

  • Communication: The best teachers develop a rapport with their students via written and verbal communication, and go beyond the traditional lecture-style mode. 
  • Creativity: The canvas for teachers is wide, and they can access a range of digital tools, storytelling methods, field visits, and other techniques to engage students, and enhance the learning process. Triggering curiosity is a large part of the journey.
  • Digital Skills: With remote work being a reality, it's important for teachers to be savvy with all kinds of online communication platforms, as well as tools such as Virtual Reality simulators, designed to enhance learning. 
  • Curriculum Planning: A core skill, it is a growing in-demand skill, especially as the quality of education gets linked more and more to employability outcomes.  

Which are the popular organisations for teaching jobs?

Teachers can work at a range of institutions:

  • Kendriya Vidyalayas
  • Private schools of state board/ICSE/CBSE/IB syllabi
  • Government schools
  • Private low-income schools
  • EduTech platforms 
  • Defence schools 

Which cities offer the best opportunities for teaching jobs?

Teaching jobs are growing in cities that are corporate/tech hubs, and are attracting professionals to become residents. Gurugram, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Noida and Hyderabad are the popular destinations for teachers looking to teach at top schools. Moreover, you also have the traditional educational hubs such as Dehradun, Shimla, Ooty and Pune among others. 

What are the various career opportunities in teaching jobs?

Here's a quick snapshot of the various teaching profiles:

Preschool: There is a growing trend of parents sending their children to pre-school to help in their cognitive development and engagement at an early age. Building social skills, vocabulary, expression and behaviour skills, are some focus areas. 

Kindergarten: Creativity, patience and passion are hallmarks of a great kindergarten teacher, who prepares children to make the leap to primary school with ease. 

Primary: From Class 1 to 4, a teacher plays a critical role in the formative years of children, not only by imparting subject knowledge but also by grooming them for activities that demonstrate talent and expression.  

Secondary: From Class 5 to 8, children experience growing pains and struggle with issues beyond the realm of their studies. A mix of subject knowledge, intuition and engagement, gives secondary teachers an edge. 

High School: The time from class 9 to 12 is considered the most important for students, and teachers must specialise in a subject and impart strong technical and hands-on knowledge to students in this phase, and help them brush up on the fundamentals. 

Physical Education: As sports grow in relevance as careers and for fitness, the demand for physical education teachers has also gone up. PE teachers are needed both at the primary, secondary and high school levels. 

Art/Music: With more children exploring creative careers, exposure to music and art is growing in relevance at schools. It can be fulfilling for those with a passion for these subjects, as it helps one engage closely with what one loves. 

Special Education: As the idea of making education accessible and inclusive to children with disabilities grows, the demand for special education teachers is also rising. One must have special training, a high level of empathy and a superior understanding of disabilities to excel in this role. 

What is the salary one can expect in teaching jobs?

According to Payscale, the average salary of a teacher in India is ₹305,713 per year. The compensation of teachers at government-run schools is much higher than those working at private schools. However, one must also look at the whole package - medical allowances, paid leaves, access to education for their offspring, among other perks and benefits.  

What are the various factors that affect the salary in teaching jobs?

Compensation for teachers varies on the basis of whether you teach at a private or public school, level of education, board, and economic strata of the institute. For example, premium schools offering an IB education would pay higher salaries than a mid-segment private school following a state board. There is also a growing demand for teachers abroad, and these positions command much higher compensation and more attractive perks. 

Is work from home an option available in teaching jobs?

Work-from-home opportunities are available for those who are digitally savvy, are excellent at communication, have curriculum-design capabilities and are excellent at knowledge facilitation. Such teachers are snapped up by Edu-Tech platforms looking to transform the education landscape from a rote-learning model to a skills/knowledge enhancement model. Moreover, the pandemic has forced teachers to work from home and impart education online.

What is the career growth one can expect in teaching jobs?

Talented teachers can graduate to supervisory roles, as well as leadership roles such as headmaster/principal.

For those passionate about teaching, the education world is an exciting playground as the sector becomes more accessible, tech-enabled and employability-focused. One can also enhance prospects through certifications such as CENTA, which encourage teachers to dream big, command higher compensation, and achieve more impact through their work.