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11 UNIX Questions and Answers to read before your next interview

When you attend an interview for a position in IT you will probably need a knowledge of how UNIX works. There are basic questions that will need to be answered and it is good to have a chance to study them.

UNIX is one of the oldest operating systems with its beginnings going back to the beginning of the 70s. It is still popular today and used in environments that need maximum scalability and reliability.

Shell Scripting or Programming mainly consists of current programming language features. A simple to intricate can be developed using Shell Scripting. It is a combination of UNIX commands written in a plain text file to secure a specific task. With the assistance of Shell scripting day-to-day tasks can be computerised.

Many job listings for positions require UNIX knowledge. This could be basic knowledge or expert skills in writing code.

UNIX Interview Questions.

1. What is UNIX?

UNIX is a portable operating system designed for effective multi-user functions and multi-tasking. Its movability allows it to run on different hardware platforms. It allows users, control and processing under a shell.

2. What are the Filters?

A Filter refers to a program that can get input from typical input, perform an operation on the output and write results to standard output. A Filter is also any program that can be used between two other programs in a pipeline.

3. What is a Kernel?

The kernel is the UNIX operating system master program that controls the computer’s resources assigning them to different users and carrying out different tasks. However, the Kernel doesn’t have direct dealing with a user. It begins a separate interactive program called a shell for each user when they log on.

4. What is Shell?

A Shell works as a border between the system and the user. As a command analyst, the shell takes commands and sets them up for the application.

5. What are Key Features of the Korn Shell?

The features are:

• Job control
• Arrays.
• Command Aliasing.
• String manipulation capabilities.
• Built-in Integer Arithmetic.
• History mechanism with a built-in editor that copies emacs or VI.

6. Is it Possible to See Information About a Process While it is Being Executed?

Every process is uniquely recognised by a process identifier. It is possible to view details and status concerning a process by using the ‘ps’ command.

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7. Differentiate Cat Command from More Command.

When using the cat command to reveal file contents large data that does not fit on the screen would scroll off without pausing making it difficult to view. Using the more command is more appropriate in such cases because it will display file contents one screen page at a time.

8. What is Wild-Card Interpretation?

A command line includes wild-card characters such as ‘*’ or ‘?’. They are substituted by the shell with an organised list of files whose pattern matches the input command. Wild-card fonts set up a list of files for processing instead of having it stipulated one at a time.

9. Differentiate Between Multiuser and Multitask.

Multiuser means that more than one person uses the computer at the same time. Multitask means the computer can work on more than one program or task at the same time.

10. What is Command Substitution?

Command Substitution is one of the steps performed every time commands are managed by the shell. The shell executes only commands enclosed in backquotes.

11. What is Inode?

An inode is an entry on a section of the disk set which is set aside for a file system. The inode holds nearly all the information about a file. It includes:

• The place on the disk where the file starts.
• Who owns the file.
• The size of the file.
• When the file was last used.
• When the file was last changed.
• What the various read, write and execute permissions are.

An Online Course in UNIX Fundamentals.

Online IT Courses offers a course in UNIX fundamentals. You will get technical knowledge on how to organise, install and manage UNIX. You will learn to:

• Organise UNIX
• Configure and manage devices.
• Make use of the command line.
• Add groups and users.
• Set up a firewall.

A Prerequisite – having technical knowledge of operating systems is a bonus.

Target Audience – System Administrator.

Bonuses –

  • Limitless access to their IT professionals’ community.
  • Available consultants to advise you about the study and career options.
  • Certified teachers with profound knowledge.
  • Access to the platform.

When you feel confident enough to start a career in the field put together your resume and prepare for the interview by studying the UNIX interview questions. You are also able to get qualifications. UNIX is quite logical, so knowledge of basic commands and a little imagination will get you through the interview. Hopefully, this will lead to a rewarding career.

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