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Whitehat Jr Teacher Interview Questions & Recruitment Process Guide

White Hat Jr is a popular online platform that allows children from 5 years onwards to indulge in learning and creating coding. It can be accessed from the comfort of your home, which is an added advantage during the pandemic.

This digital platform has garnered a clientele of its own. The classes are held on a one on one level where there is a maximum teacher and student interaction.

As such, the company requires several teachers who should interact with kids of those ages and put the message across virtually.

This article will give you tips to crack the whitehat jr teacher interview questions. Read on if you have a passion for teaching and a good idea about coding and its principles.

Whitehat Jr Teacher Interview Questions

Whitehat Jr has a systematic and streamlined approach to interviewing the candidates for their teaching positions. The interview is broken into sections, and you would have to clear all sections to be considered for a teaching position by them.

The teacher interview questions mainly revolve around judging your aptitude for teaching and determining if you have a bent for it. Listed below are a few questions that you might expect during the interview:

  • Do you have any teaching experience?
  • How fluent are you in English?
  • Does interacting with kids come naturally to you?
  • Tell us something about your educational qualifications.
  • What kind of exposure do you have with regard to coding?
  • What languages can you code in?
  • Do you know about troubleshooting and its various uses?
  • Can you resolve camera and audio issues in multiple devices?
  • How many hours of work are you ready to put in a week?

These are just a few of the whitehat jr teacher interview questions that you might come across. Be prepared for variations of them as well.

The main object of the whitehat jr teacher interview questions is to do a slight background check on your experience in coding and teaching fields and to ensure that you can come down to the level of the children and explain the process of coding to them.

How to Answer Whitehat Jr Teacher Interview Questions

  • Wear your confidence – Confidence is desirable at an interview. The right amount of certainty in your voice will show that you believe in your capabilities. This will cast a good impression on the interviewer as well.
  • Introduce yourself and be polite – Showing your confidence will work in your favour; however, be careful not to go over the top. Be courteous at all times.
  • Be direct and answer to the point – No one wants to waste your time or their own, so make a point to answer all the questions precisely and clearly. Giving vague answers might also lead the interviewer to believe that you lack confidence.
  • Ensure that you have a good connection – A smooth sailing interview with no hang ups and connectivity issues will also portray you in the positive. Make sure that you receive the telephonic interview in a place where signals are appropriate.

Teacher Recruitment Process for Whitehat Jr Teacher

The process for the recruitment of teachers for Whitehat Jr is broken down into five parts. This allows the company to test every aspect of the applicants and ensure they are fit for the job. The process of recruitment includes:

  • Telephonic interview
  • Coding tests
  • Demo class part 1
  • Demo class part 2
  • Demo class part 3

Telephonic Interview

The team from Whitehat Jr contacts a candidate who has applied for the position of a teacher and holds a verbal interview over the telephone. As is stated previously, the whitehat jr teacher interview questions are direct and to the point. At this stage, they will mainly revolve around subjects like

  • your introduction and background
  • educational qualifications
  • previous work experience
  • Your access to the internet etc.

This is the easiest part of the interview, and answering all the whitehat jr teacher interview questions directly will put you off to a good start.

Coding Test

The whitehat jr teacher interview questions in this round are centred around your aptitude for coding. You will be asked to answer five questions.

The maximum mark that can be scored is 500, and the pass percentage is 50%. So if you want to progress to the next round of the interview, you will need to score a minimum of 250 marks. Once the interview team feels that you have cleared the exam successfully, they will explain the whitehar jr user interface to you.

You will be taught things like muting the microphone, how to enter into full screen etc. This is done to prepare you for the following interview round, a series of demo classes.

Demo Class part 1

This is the first demo class that will be given to you to conduct. It is also the easiest. You will receive a PDF and link for you to attend the interview. The sequence will be provided, and you will be expected to follow it correctly. Go through the provided PDF to be sure that you are familiar with the content.

Demo Class part 2

Similar to the Demo class part 2 a PDF will be provided, the content of which you must deliver in 45 minutes. Here the focus will be on the coding part so you might want to prepare that in advance for effective delivery during the demo class. This is slightly tougher to crack than the previous class. Time management is of the essence in this phase of the interview.

Demo Class part 3

This is the final phase of the interview and is pretty similar to demo class part 2. In this phase, the interview panel will judge you all over the topic’s presentation, so your fluency in English, pronunciation, overall presentation and handling of complex topics will all be under the scanner. So ensure that you are up to date on your overall presentation.

Again, the sequence is to be followed.

Now that you know the interview process, answering all the whitehat jr teacher interview questions should be easier for you. Remember, confidence is vital.

Coding For Kids

When explained in simple terms, coding is nothing more than a set of instructions given to a computer to explain the task he is to perform. It is almost similar to learning a new language, except that it is a lot more complicated and consists of symbols and signs.

Though it seems like a complex task it is entirely doable. With fun games and the right atmosphere, kids can learn coding from as early on as six years old. This is the reason the whitehat jr teacher interview questions are specific and inquiring.

Here are a few benefits of teaching coding to kids:

  • Coding is a highly sought after skill in today’s world and it seems like this is how it will be in the future.
  • It can be fun if a child has the aptitude for it, and identifying talents early on in children always pays off.
  • With coding, a child develops various skills like problem-solving, persistence, communication etc.


Whithat Jr aims at providing a platform for kids who have the desire to develop their coding skills. Clearing the whitehat jr teacher interview questions is not too difficult if you prepare well and enjoy the interview process instead of treating it as a burden.

FAQ on Whitehat Jr Teacher Interview Questions

Q:1 What are common Whitehat Jr teacher interview questions?

A: Expect questions on coding skills, teaching methodology, and your passion for tech education. Showcase your expertise and enthusiasm for teaching young minds.

Q:2 How does the Whitehat Jr recruitment process work?

A: The process typically includes application submission, screening, interviews, and possibly a teaching demonstration. Showcase your teaching skills and passion for technology.

Q:3 What coding skills are essential for a Whitehat Jr teacher role?

A: Proficiency in coding languages like Scratch, Python, or JavaScript is crucial. Prepare to demonstrate your coding abilities and explain how you can effectively teach these skills to children.

Q:4 How can I stand out in the Whitehat Jr teacher interview?

A: Highlight your teaching experience, coding expertise, and ability to make complex concepts engaging for young learners. Showcase your commitment to fostering a love for technology in students.

Q:5 What qualities does Whitehat Jr look for in teacher candidates?

A: Whitehat Jr seeks passionate, innovative, and dedicated teachers with strong communication skills. Emphasize your ability to inspire and educate children in the field of coding and technology.

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