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Whitehat Jr Interview Questions & Process of Interview


Haven’t we all wanted to be teachers when we were young? But, life had other plans. We went on to work in different IT companies as we grew up, few became doctors and saved lives, while the others are still struggling in life. 

White hat Jr comes as a fantastic opportunity for those willing to teach students coding at a young age and follow their dreams by working on a pathway before the others have even begun. 

Let’s focus on how to get an entry as a teacher for coding in Whitehat Jr by working on the teacher interview questions, and the overall teacher’s recruitment process

Overview of the Whitehat Jr Interview

We’ll divide the entire process of recruitment as a teacher into various subsections to make the understanding fluent and easy.

  • Round-1 Telephonic Interview
  • Round-2 Coding Test Round and Technical Systems’ Check
  • Round-3 Demo Class 1
  • Round-4 Demo Class 2
  • Round-5 Demo Class 3

Let’s get to business and understand the entire process of the Whitehat Jr interview.

Round-1: Telephonic Interview

Good News! You got shortlisted for the first round. The probability of that happening is close to 10% of the entire applicants. But, there still is a long way to go for you to become a Whitehat Jr Coding teacher. 

A call would come from the Human Resources of the Company, and the following questions would be asked from you to verify your profiles. So keep in mind that the information you provide is on similar lines as to what you have committed earlier in the application.

The questions that can be asked are-

  • Your Name, of course, this would be asked and there is hardly any chance you’d get this wrong.
  • Educational Qualification, be thorough with what you have done. It may be a master’s in computer science or a bachelor’s degree, or even an additional certification for coding done in free time. Each component of this adds value to your chances of clearing the Whitehat Jr interview round.
  • Prior Coding Experience, yes, this million-dollar question can crack the deal in your favor. If you have experience of coding or have taught coding, this makes your profile a favorite for the recruiter team at Whitehat Jr.
  • A laptop is a basic requirement in today’s time and the mode through which you’ll deliver your lectures if you make it through. Mostly, people have a laptop or a working desktop, but in case you don’t: Purchase one, as the odds of making it through the future rounds gets smaller and smaller. 
  • Broadband Connection, a stable connection will just work out fine. There isn’t any speed requirement, but it should be stable and reliable.

Round-2: Coding Test Round

Again, congrats for making it here. The chances of filtrations from the former process are on a higher side. But, let’s focus on what one should expect in this round. Famously known as technical round while interviewing for an IT company. The recruitment process for a teacher at Whitehat Jr lies on similar lines. 

The Whitehat Jr interview, coding round would entail 5 questions, each carrying a weightage of 100 marks. The time allocated for the same is just 45 minutes, which means there wouldn’t be a second to relax. The qualifying mark for this round is 250, which is 50% of the total.

All the best for clearing this round, and in case you sail through the process, the technical team at Whitehat Jr would contact you to check on two basic requirements. One is your internet speed, the other is your laptop’s overall health. If the tech team gives a heads up on this, then they will go on to explain the Whitehat Jr Panel Window.

The Panel window consists of a mute/unmute button on how to enter the teacher-student activity panel, how to start and stop your webcam, and lastly, how to share and use the full-screen mode. 

After the following activity, you’ll get an email from the recruiters’ team, to continue the Whitehat Jr teacher’s Recruitment process. In addition, the mail will contain the Whitehat Jr Demo 1 interview, which will take place in the next two to three days. 

Demo Class-I

Firstly, congratulations to you for coming this far. An optimist would suffice his happiness as and when they climb the ladder, as they enjoy the journey more than the destination. Similarly, a person who is preparing to be a Whitehat Jr teacher should focus on a given day and the given process rather than procrastinating about the result. People pile up added pressure on themselves which is often responsible for their downfall. 

A PDF will be shared with you for the content they want you to teach in the stipulated time. A chance to prepare for it would be present, which you should diligently use. A PDF will consist of roughly about 25 Pages which they will intend you to prepare and teach. Worry not, you’ll receive the PDF via WhatsApp or e-mail. If you do not get it, do not hesitate to reach out to the recruiting team at Whitehat Jr.

The demo class would begin, and the participants will be the various managers or professionals already working in Whitehat Jr. As mentioned, this round is to check your confidence and skill. Henceforth, you should portray confidence while speaking sentences and your grammar and vocabulary will have an impact on your overall performance. Try to go by the sequence given, do not skip it and try to cover all the topics in the given time and not more.

Lastly, if any question is asked, respond to the following with patience and in an utmost descriptive manner. The reason for mentioning the last statement is owing to the fact that the people you’ll be teaching will be kids, who are a novice and have maybe zero knowledge about coding.

Lastly, you’ll not be asked to wait long for the result of this round, and it will be communicated instantaneously. This round filters out most of the people, although, through this Whitehat Jr interview, the team can determine who can really work on being a teacher at Whitehat Jr.  

Demo Class- II

Okay, you made it this far. Be happy, I mean, you can’t achieve it all in one go? Can you? Well, mostly not, and especially not when it comes to the Whitehat Jr recruitment process. Demo Class- II is mostly an extension of Demo-I, the only difference is the level changes multitude in this round. It focuses more on your technical skills and oratory skills. At the end of the day, it is a coding job, and you have to be perfect for that, and nothing less than “impeccable” would suffice you to become a teacher at Whitehat JrThe time limit for this demo session remains the same as previous, which is 45 minutes. Believe me, 45 minutes would go away in a blink, and you’d have to do everything to utilize those 2700 seconds. As said earlier, the round is to check your technical knowledge about the subject, so be sure of what you speak and use the technical terms in place of lingual language. Code and Code for days, be meticulous and thorough before this round, and any small fault can screw up your dream of becoming a teacher at Whitehat Jr.

Lastly, the results of this test will be told instantaneously, so you don’t have to overthink at all about how you performed.

Demo Class-III

As said earlier, BE HAPPY! Qualifying rounds of this thorough Whitehat Jr interview process isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Having said that, you should never stop trying to improve and give every opportunity your best shot. The third round takes place after a day or two, followed by a successful round 2. The topics remain the same, i.e., the pdf shared with you for round II. In this round, the focus of the interviewers would be to understand your grammar and vocabulary, along with your presentation skill. If you have sailed through round II, then the recruiter team might have seen something in you; if not, you would have been knocked out well before.

As per various experiences shared by the teachers who couldn’t convert the Whitehat Jr Interview process of those in one, the interviewer suggested making the learning more exciting and interesting. The focus is on young kids who have a knack for getting distracted real quick. I believe the interviewer said, “coding is a really dry subject, you have to enhance and make it more interesting, if not- kids would learn nothing.” The statement holds true for multiple reasons. Firstly, being a teacher is not all about knowledge. Secondly, a teacher needs to create a variety in their teaching methods, something unique, something that holds the kids for the entire duration of your lecture. 

As per another vivid experience, some people were extremely unsatisfied with the entire recruitment process at Whitehat Jr. An interviewee had an issue with her internet, so her connection wasn’t stable, and the interviewer couldn’t hear her. Which made the process flawed, and she was asked to wait. In the end, things unraveled the way she didn’t expect them to. She was told “no,” and the reason stated was that she lacked basic skills and “coding is something which we cannot compromise.”


Well, after this elaborate discussion on the Whitehat Jr interview, there will be certain key points and recommendations we’d like to make for you to become a full-time coding teacher.

  • Be upfront and direct- Do not hesitate to reschedule your Whitehat Jr interview. We’ve learnt that the recruitment team at Whitehat Jr pays heed to your need and comfortability. If you have a commitment you need to fulfill-then, please do that. The company would be more than happy to accommodate your request. 
  • Follow the entire PDF, which is shared with you during the process, and be very thorough with the entire document. Questions are mostly asked from what you deliver during the rounds.
  • Confidence, arghh, I can’t stress this point enough. A confident person has the power to dominate the Whitehat Jr interview process. We have seen people, with a tad bit less knowledge but filled with magnitudes of belief in themself sail through the Whitehat Jr interview rounds. We don’t know if it’s their passion to teach or what, but confidence speaks a language more complex than coding!
  • Smile, Smile and Smile. What harm can be done by keeping a smile on your glowing face? A smile portrays confidence, a calm within the ocean of expressions. The more you smile, of course normally, the more you’ll portray calmness, which they look forward to in Whitehat Jr interviews.  
  • Lastly, be well versed with JavaScript and Python, the most commonly used languages.

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