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Top 10 Android Interview Questions you must study before your next interview

The technical round of an interview can be quite nerve-racking. Be it a young graduate looking to seize a job opportunity or a professional looking to enhance his/her career prospects, an interview is the last hurdle that one must clear.

Here, we have curated a set of 10 most commonly asked Android interview questions that can help you in your next interview.

1. What is Android?

Android can be defined as an operating system that is used majorly in communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. It is an open-sourced operating system that helps developers create various applications for the devices.

2. Tell us about Android Architecture.

Primarily, Android Architecture consists of four main components. These are:
• Libraries
• Android Framework
• Linux Kernel
• Android Applications

3. What does AAPT stand for and what is it all about?

AAPT is an abbreviation for Android Asset Packaging Tool. It helps developers in handling zip-compatible archives including the creation, extraction, and sighting of its contents.

4. What do you understand by Intents?

Intents display notification messages to an Android user who also has the option to respond to it. They apprise the user about a particular function that has occurred in the device.

5. Cite some limitations of the Android operating system.

Well, Android certainly suffers from some disadvantages despite inherent benefits.
• Since the sizes of devices vary, it becomes difficult to design apps that can adapt to all screen sizes.
• Certain applications do not run on upgraded Android operating systems.
• Some of the Android apps may not be virus-free. Since the app store is open to everyone, there is no system of monitoring the same.

6. Tell us the four important stages of an activity.

The four stages of an activity are:
• Paused
• Active
• Stopped
• Destroyed

7. What do you understand by ANR?

ANR stands for Application Not Responding. When an application does not respond for a long time, a dialogue box appears on the screen stating that the application has become unresponsive.

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8. How can you use escape characters in the form of attributes?

Escape characters can be used as attributes by using backslashes twice.
For instance, in order to create a new line character, you have to use ‘\n’

9. Which three loops are used to monitor an activity?

The three loops are:
• Entire lifetime
• Visible lifetime
• Foreground lifetime

10. What do you understand by a Fragment?

A fragment is a part of an activity and is reusable. It can be combined with other fragments as well in a single activity.

If you think that you need to brush up your skills with additional questions, here’s a list of additional Android interview questions.

1. Tell us about the use of an activityCreator.
2. What is the difference between Activities and Services?
3. What do you understand by containers?
4. What is the use of an intent filter?
5. How can you prevent the ANR?
6. How do you create a bounded service using AIDL?
7. What according to you is Default Resources?
8. What do you understand by a visible activity?
9. Tell us about the primary components of the Android application architecture.
10. What do you know about Sticky Intent?

Given the fact that the Android industry is experiencing a boom, it is advisable that you stay abreast with the latest developments with respect to the Android operating system.
While in the interview room, keep your calm and ask questions if you have any doubts. Ensure that you get involved in the interview process and answer precisely.

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