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Most commonly asked AutoCAD Interview Questions and Answers


1. What do you think is the chief purpose of the AutoCAD software?

So far as the AutoCAD software is concerned, it is chiefly meant to furnish the potential design for products that need to be created. It is important to note that the fundamental function of the software is to provide design layouts for prospective products.

2. So far as AutoCAD is concerned, what do you think are the functions of vertical integration?

Chiefly, the vertical integration is used to enhance the 3D representation of objects. Specifically speaking, it is primarily meant to augment the three dimensional facets of potential design objects and structures while creating concerned applications.

3. How can you hope to remove the aberration of empty layers?

There are several ways of getting rid of the empty layers. For instance, they can be removed by using all the objects concurrently at a single place. Against this backdrop, you can also obliterate the references to the layers or even freeze the layers. So far as the layer removing is concerned, the EXPERT command holds particular significance. After having deleted the empty layer, the result may be created in the DXF file.

4. Apart from empty layers, how can you hide the specific layers while plotting?

There are many ways to do the same. One, you can freeze the layer. You can turn off the layers for plotting or set up individual layers on the viewport. The different layers on the viewport can be frozen in order to hide them from the other layers.

5. What are the applications of variants in AutoCAD?

Variants are especially useful in that they furnish depiction and visualization of 3D models and 3D printing eventually. Also, variants are useful in providing varied functionalities for a function in order to enhance the quality of a web application.

6. Can you tell us how to create a user interface?

For creating a user interface, dialog boxes and plots are sketched through the command prompts. The command line needs to show complete file in order for a smooth customization while the creation of a user interface. So far as the dialog boxes are concerned, use the PLOT command and other external commands to create the user interface.

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7. Can you highlight the various file formats that are used in AutoCAD?

Firstly, .dxf is a format that ensures core data operability. It chiefly allows a particular method to make use of active files. Essentially, the format of a file may be exchanged using the DXF extension, not to mention the approximation of a total file that is created in tandem with other files.

8. How can you copy a closed drawing in AutoCAD?

You focus on the toolbar provided at the design center. Specifically, the design center is where you perform the necessary modifications. The concerned drawing consists of drawing units which can be copied with the defined objects that have the congruent type. Dim style gets copied from one location to another and a drag and drop feature opens into a new document.

9. Which is the filename extension to indicate a compiled text front?

TXT file extension is used to indicate a compiled text front in AutoCAD. Like other file formats, the TXT file extension is an elementary one against the backdrop of the design application.

10. In AutoCAD, what do you think is the function of the Setvar command?

The Setvar command is one of the most elementary commands used in AutoCAD. It is chiefly used for the purpose of altering the values of the system variables. And this is precisely why the command holds peculiar significance against the backdrop of the design application.

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