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Six Tips to Have Your Office Leave Application Ready in Under 5 Minutes

Leave Application Letter

Finding it difficult to write your office leave application?

Trust, it’s not.

And to write one in under five minutes is possible. Here’s how.

To write your office leave application in a jiffy, all you need is to answer the following six questions.

– Whom to write?
– What’s it all about?
– Why you need a leave?
– How long you’ll be on leave?
– Who will look after your work in your absence?
– Where can be you reached?

We understand applying for a leave can often be daunting. While you’re entitled to it, ensuring you’ve included all information is key. Several organisations now also insist on an email or ERP system application. Having said that, if yours still requires you to submit a written application to your immediate superior and/or HR, we have some pointers for you.

Find it difficult to ask for a leave in a holiday season? Here’s how you should go about it.


1. Whom to write?

Address your application to your immediate superior or reporting manager since she or he allocates your work and supervises it. If need be, they will delegate it to someone else or decide to put it off until you return.

2. What’s the email about?

State the subject outright in your email subject or on your application. Merely stating that you need leave will not suffice. The subject should also prepare your boss for the length of your leave – if it’s going to be casual, then you are expected to be away for no more than a couple of days at a stretch. If you are going to get a surgical procedure, then state that you need sick leave. If it is maternity leave you are opting for, then say so in your subject.

3. Why do you need leave?

This is the part where you state your purpose. Make sure it is in conjunction with your subject (line) and falls within the purview of the days of absence you’re allowed. If it is a planned medical leave such as for surgery or maternity, you will be required to attach necessary doctors’ certificates (if required). You may also request your organisation for a list of the hospitals that are covered by the insurance your employer provides you with.

4. How long will you be gone?

State the dates of your absence including the starting date and end date. If either or both happen to fall on holidays or weekends, then you may omit these.

5. Who will cover for you?

Have you already discussed your workload to be bartered with another colleague? If so, mention this in your application to reassure your boss that work will not suffer on account of your absence.

6. Where can you be reached?

Sometimes, even though your leave may be sanctioned, your team or boss may need your input or key information from you. For such situations, it is best to share your contact information if it will be different from your regular number or email id. You can also specify timings when they can reach you in case you are likely to be in no-network zones.

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