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HR Manager Job Description

HR Operations Management, better known as the Human Resource department, is a section of a company that deals with the successful organization of its employees. The Human Resource of a company includes the workers of all scales in the establishment. The ever-changing trends in the market are assessed by the human resources manager, which can help the company’s status and economy.

What Is an HR Manager?

An HR Manager is the one who is in charge of the area dealing with the employment, training, and administration of the employees working in the company. Categorizing and arranging the duties of the staff is a part of the job done by the HR Manager. The overall aptitude management of the company is in the hands of the HR section. 

What does an HR Manager do?

The worth of a corporation is attributed to the quality of the employees working there. The HR operations manager’s job is to ensure this standard is maintained. The HR Operations management evaluates the various drifts occurring in the competitive world for the growth of the company. Supervising the internal HR organization and policies is part of the HR manager’s function.

The HR operation manager’s job isn’t limited to just developing the human resources of the corporation. It also focuses on the management of the physical and emotional aspects of an employee. The job profile of the HR manager also fulfills the insurance dispute, concerns regarding the payroll, disciplinary actions against employees, etc. They continually work towards achieving the organisation’s targets by translating the decisions into effective actions.

Job duties include:

  • Locating and hiring personnel for the vacancies in the company. Looking for the key, desirable qualifications in the job seekers.
  • Recruiting the employees and giving them a brief on the job’s package and responsibilities. Also, doing a background check for possible loopholes.
  • Preparing the staff for possible changes in their jobs, most likely promotions.
  • Administering all the legal and tax documents of every employee in the company.
  • Money-related issues from salaries to tax withholdings to compensations and benefits are clarified by the human resources manager.
  • Development of the staff employed, helping them be up to date with all advancements in the field.
  • The HR operations manager’s job also includes course reimbursement and modifying the budget.
  • Ensuring the company members’ welfare measures.
  • Benefit analysis and record-keeping of all the employees on roll-out.

Job brief for HR Manager

Human Resource Operation Manager’s Job is one that mainly ensures the normal functioning of the company and that support is delivered to the employees through all forms. Reviewing and studying the financial budgets that are proposed also comes under this post. Valued certification with years of experience can land you an HR Manager’s position. The person in charge of the HR Operation management is not only responsible for the functionality and machinery of the enterprise but also for the personal development and benefit of the staff.

Evaluating the basic qualifications while recruiting, offering the preferred salary package while hiring, ensuring the smooth on and off-boarding of employees are the main duties performed by the HR Operation department.  Calculating and preparing the employee’s salary slip, deducting the taxes, and funding money are the financial aspects of the job.

Responsibilities of HR Manager

  • Self-development of the employees is made certain under the Human Resource Operation Management.
  • Accountable for policy-making and smooth transition during fluctuations.
  • Orientation, performance appraisal, selection, training, and administration are in the hands of the human resource manager.
  • Maximization of employees’ individual skills, which can affect the entire company positively.
  • Commitment to organizational strategic goals to bring the business to greater heights.
  • Performance planning, talent recognition, and achievement are the highlighted features.
  • Asset protection and service delivery distinction to enhance the production of the company.
  • Increase manpower and introduction training programmes.
  • Developing good industrial relations with collaborators that will increase the potential growth of the company. 
  • Enhancing the dignity of labour through workers’ participation in the company’s affairs.

Requirements for HR Manager 

  • B.Sc. or Masters in Human Resources Management.
  • M.Sc. in the same field can be a plus point. 
  • Previous experience of being an HR Manager or HR Operation Manager.
  • Enough prior knowledge in the field of labour/ employee relations.
  • Familiarity with working on Microsoft Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint.
  • Experience in presenting the evaluated information in front of an audience.
  • Experience in time management, organizational design, conflict settlement, and resolution.
  • Understanding of finances and statistical analysis.
  • Stable systemization of the data of all staff.

Average Salary for HR Manager (City Based Tables)

HR Manager’s salary may vary depending on the pay scale and the number of employees in the particular company. It also depends on the resources and the city where the company is located. For the metropolitan cities with higher connectivity and IT companies, the salary is seen to have a hike than other towns.

City Of IndiaSalary per annum

 Key skills

  • Team management expertise.
  • Excellent communication and decision-making capabilities
  • Analytical judging and great interpersonal building abilities
  • Outspoken leadership nature.
  • Understanding the working of the company’s management and policies.
  • Expertise in diagnosing, insulating, and resolving issues.
  • Identifying the reservoirs of untapped potential.
  • The ability to set goals, motivate the workers, and accomplish the said task in the given period of time.
  • Diverse knowledge and adaptability to the cultural and linguistic differences of orders.

Why pursue a career as an HR Manager?

In modern times, with rapid globalization and increasing competition, the focus is to create a workplace that motivates an atmosphere that retains the workforce and elicits the best performance out of the people. HR Operation Manager’s job is to create integrity, boost honesty and curb unethical practices. This, in turn, multiplies the productivity of the company.

The human resources manager has a crucial role to play in maintaining the fundamental relationship between the organizations’ management and its employees. The quality of the company is highly proportional to the quality of the employees working there. The HR Operation Management makes sure this eminence is retained for the progression of the business. This department upholds the company’s internal structure, in the process also preventing the collapse. 

How to become an HR Manager? 

Starting off a career can be difficult, but there’s a beginning point somewhere. Getting a master’s certification in human resources, communication, industrial design, organizational development, and business administration is vital while acquiring a job in the HR Operations Management Department. Doing other courses like business, social sciences for improved interactive relation management is advised. Economics, Sociology, Statistics, Psychology, Political sciences degrees can give you an edge over the others. Years of experience and training in the same area will help you gain promotions.

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