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HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

So here you are – after months of sending out CVs to companies you want to work with, here’s your call back from a company intimating the selection of your CV for a round of interview for HR.

Human Resource is a highly desirable position in the job market with high remuneration. Naturally, it involves rounds of assessment for the selection of suitable candidates.

Thus, it’s always helpful to get an idea about the interview questions for hr position for freshers

Human Resource is less about numbers and more about helping workers flourish. An employee is the greatest asset of the organization.

That’s why securing the ease and success of the employees is of utmost importance.

So, while framing an onboarding technique as an HR, it’s important to think of ways to connect with the new employees and acquaint him or her with the various policies of the organization.

Basic Tips on Core Interview Questions & Answers

  • First of all, try to align interview answers with the job description in the company’s advertisement. This will increase your chances of getting selected for the HR position.
  • Try not to fake and stay as frank with your response as possible. Sincerity can’t be faked and goes a long way. So try to remain objective and open in your approach to the interview.
  • Maintaining a formal dress code is always looked up to. So wear something that is fitting for the occasion while being comfortable because you don’t want to appear uneasy and uncomfortable before the interview panel. It will create a clumsy impression and hamper your ability to participate effectively in the process.
  • Appear excited about the interview and answer with confidence and vigor. A confident and energetic stance is unparalleled in an interview. 
  • Having a smile on your face will help create a pleasant first impression and positively impact the interview.

HR Interview Questions

First thing first, tell us about yourself. This is almost invariably the opening question not just in HR but most interviews. Much as it sounds easy, it’s one of the most important questions and therefore asked at the very outset.

Be sure of exactly what needs to be said to this one of the most important interview questions for hr position for freshers.

The first thing to remember while answering this question is never ever to ask in return what the interviewer wants to know about the candidate.

It’s outright rude. Instead introduce yourself in a concise manner by highlighting the qualities that best describe you. You can certainly talk about your interest in technology, problem solving, quick learning, creativity and innovation etc.

However, try to preclude from the discussion what is already there in the CV. Repeating what’s already on paper simply creates tedium. It will be helpful to include your most relevant achievements during student life.

It can be extra-curricular that directly or indirectly helps you excel in the position that you are being interviewed for. It may also include how you fit in the position applied for and why the job is perfect for you.

Finally, to answer this question highlight those qualities in you that are in alignment with the work. 

Apart from this common opening question, further interview questions for hr position for freshers may involve asking about your personality and yourself. 

Best Interview Questions for HR Position for Freshers

1. What is your reason for choosing our company/ Tell us about this organization?

2. Where did you work before and the reason for leaving?

3. The strengths and weaknesses question.

4. Why should we hire you?

5. In case there’s a gap in your academic record, you may need to explain it.

6. Tell us something about your achievements

7. What would be your aim in life?

8. What are your hobbies?

9. How can we consider you an asset for the company?

10. Alongside have you applied for other jobs?

11. Describe yourself in one word

12. How many points you will give yourself on a scale of 1 to 10.

13. Which is the most difficult question you have faced in your life?

14. What is your favourite book (and why)?

15. Which site do you visit the most while surfing the internet?

16. What sets you apart from other candidates here?

To answer these interview questions for hr position for freshers you first need to be honest with your response. Firstly, it’s important not to speak ill of your current employer while answering the first question. Make sure you understand the job requirements and are articulate about it.

Do a thorough research of the company’s mission, vision, and workings to duly communicate what exactly inspired you to join the company.

Further, align your career aspirations with the requirements of the current role. Mention your most vital skills and qualities while confine answering the question on weak points to two.

While responding, the latter insist that you are constantly trying to improve and work on your weaknesses. These questions once again should relate to the job role and should enable efficiency at work.

Avoid clichés while answering these questions. About any gap in academic record explained with a positive outlook.

Assess yourself with confidence yet willingness and scope for improvement.  outlook. Assess yourself with confidence yet willingness and scope for improvement. 

Some further traditional interview questions for hr position for freshers are questions about your relevant and recent achievements, whether your vision fits the company’s vision, and how long you plan to associate yourself with the company.

But, again, it’s a tricky question and comes packed in the lines – where do you see yourself in the next few years. 

The next set of important HR job interview questions may relate to behavioral questions. This type of interview questions for freshers hr positions involves sharing your experiences based on certain scenarios. Your answer with how you handled these scenarios should reflect your skills, capacity, and personality.

To provide a structured answer STAR format may be followed. S stands for Situation, so start by answering about the Situation of the given scenario. T for Task, so the answer involves the tasks involved in the Situation as mentioned above.

A for Action means answering the course of Action undertaken to complete the goal and finally R for Result so tell the interviewer what the outcome of the entire exercise was.

Avoid exaggerating the result and focus on how effective you were. Few interview questions for hr position for freshers in this category would be –

1. A scenario involving close supervision
2. Experience of difficulty in a project
3. Experience in displaying leadership skills
4. Experience of making mistakes at any point in your career
5. Experience of disagreement with manager
6. Experience of changing priorities of a project

These interview questions for hr position for freshers test your planning, competence, and concerns related to the company and yourself.

Try to apply the STAR approach to the given scenario and answer persuasively. The interviewer needs to understand your ideas surrounding success, stress, disagreement with the manager/ supervisor, etc.

The next set is opinion-based questions. Opinion-based interview questions for hr position for freshers are once again tricky. It tests your thinking, approach, and execution of a plan.

You will aim to prove that you are a valuable asset to the company.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions for HR Position for Freshers

1. If you won a million-dollar lottery, would you still be working?

Here it would help if you convinced the interviewer that work is your priority. So try to keep the answer oriented towards that.

While it is a thrilling experience to win a million-dollar lottery, doing work and learning new things continuously is what you aim for. You can tell that you wish only to retire after completing a fulfilling career. 

2. How would you deal with an angry, irritated client?

There will be interview questions for hr position for freshers to test how well you cope with people with beliefs and ideologies different from yours. You need to ensure you avoid emphasizing on any negative aspect of the situation.

3. There may be interview questions for hr position for freshers like what according to you is an ideal work environment? 

This may be principally to test whether or not you fit into the current work environment of the company. As HR, the interviewer needs to ensure their employees are product and happy in work and can be retained in the long run. Hence, this kind of interview questions for hr position for freshers is asked.

4. What would be your dream job?

Interview questions for hr position for freshers about a dream job require careful tackling. Instead of getting a six-figure salary, flexible work hours, and frequent access to vacation, answer this question regarding what you think of an ideal workspace.

Next, align your solution with the work culture of the company. A company that provides opportunities for learning and growth in a career. Further, the ability to harness skill sets to benefit the company’s overall growth is another trait to look out for. 

5. What would you do to ensure that a certain number of tasks are completed effectively?

Questions on the ability to multitask are crucial interview questions for hr position for freshers these days in the industry. The ability to work on multiple projects and meet deadlines are some key qualities interviewers may be looking for in a candidate they are going to select.

Prioritizing the tasks and organizing is the first step in multitasking so that you may answer accordingly. Not hesitating to seek help from seniors and colleagues is considered an important trait.

There should be constant communication and accountability in case of delay in completing a project.

6. Further, there may be interview questions for hr position for freshers such as, should a higher up be liked or feared?

Here the interviewer tests your view on how you connect with people. So the answer may be tilted towards respect and accessibility.

One should be well respected in the workplace, and their colleagues should not feel uneasy about approaching them.

7. How long you want to stay in the company if recruited may be just another of the interview questions for hr position for freshers?

Here the panel is trying to check your duration in the current company. Answer diplomatically by saying you plan to stay for a very long time and as long as the management considers you as an asset. 

8. Now here’s an offbeat question to test your personality. The reviewer may ask interview questions for freshers’ hr position, like which animal would you prefer to be if you were reborn? 

Do not answer with an animal with weaker traits. Instead, search a bit on animal traits and respond strategically.

For instance, you can give an example of a lion known for its prowess and pride. So that you can say that as a lion thrives in combat, you want to succeed in challenges.

9. Another question that’s not commonly asked anymore is yet another tricky one. The question is – will you lie for the company under any circumstances? 

Try this tack and answer that you believe in the principle of honesty. So being part of a lie will solely depend on the outcome.

If nobody is affected by the lie and positively contributes to the company, you may consider being part of it. Otherwise, you are not a fan of lying.

Top HR Interview Questions :

1. What does success mean to you?

2. How would you differentiate confidence vs. overconfidence?

3. What is the difference between a group and a team?

4. What, according to you, is the difference between smart and hard work?

5. Don’t you think you are overqualified for this job?

6. How would you handle stress?

7. Do you have a blind spot?

8. What is the biggest mistake of your life?

9. Will you be able to relocate or travel for the company? 

10. Three things that are most important to you in a job?

3 Questions to Ask the Interviewer

1. What are your salary expectations?

When the question of salary expectations arises it’s crucial to find a ground where you can showcase your worth while also being practical.

Take some time to investigate the salary range, for positions within your industry and ensure that the figure you provide aligns with your experience, skills and prevailing market conditions. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role.

Convey your eagerness to contribute towards the companys success. This approach will enable you to express your expectations while also displaying flexibility and a willingness to engage in negotiation. Ultimately it sets the stage for a conversation, during the interview process.

2. What is your current salary?

If your expectations are more than the company can provide, it’s essential to know and realize yourself. You neither want to come across as overly money-minded nor a happily underpaid saint. In this part, your negotiation skills come into play.

You may also be asked interview questions for hr position for freshers about your current salary. Avoid answering in direct terms and immediately.

Research about the compensation provided by a company for a particular job role from websites like Glassdoor and Indeed or by connecting with people working in the company on Linkedin.

Also, in return, ask the interviewer the range being provided for the role applied. 

3. Do you have a question for me?

And in conclusion, you may be urged to ask questions to the interviewers or maybe rate the interviewer. Firstly, you should insist that you’re in no position to rate the interviewer.

However, you may give a rating between 9 and 10 on 10 as there’s always scope for improvement in a person’s line of work. 

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