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Hobbies and Interests for Resume and CV

A resume is a true reflection of the candidate and all other features that make them suitable for the job at hand. However, it is equally important to highlight the right area of interest in a resume. Not all employers appreciate such a section. But, giving it a mention in the right place and for the right job can help you achieve your goal of securing a job.

The key to acing an ideal resume would be to mention job-relevant hobbies. That is exactly what can draw your employer’s attention in the right direction. Are you wondering about what to include under the section area of interest in a resume? Well, if that’s so, you have landed at the right place.

Under this blog post, we would be highlighting a list of personal activities that can help you secure a better chance of grabbing the interviewer’s attention.

List Of Personal Activities To Include In A Resume

Now that you are sure of incorporating your area of interest in a resume, the following step would be to decide on the inclusion points. To put it in simpler terms, putting worthy Job relevant hobbies would be an ideal take. Thus, we have for you some areas that deserve a place in your resume:

Outdoor activities as an area of interest in a resume

Your interest in outdoor activities is most likely to prove to the employer your stress management skills. Any kind of challenging outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, trekking, fishing, gardening, etc. can put forth a good enough impression.

Interest in social work

Including interest in social work in the resume can enhance your worth in no time. The employer is most likely to notice your time management skills, a feeling of oneness towards society, and many such noticeable features. Such humanitarian values are a great way to woo the employer on your credibility.

Blogging as an area of interest in a resume

Nothing can match up to the technical or organizational skills that one can portray as an aspiring candidate. Your interest in such fields that require genuine creative skills is a great way to impress the person reviewing your resume.

Interest in multiple languages

This is an excellent way of flaunting your communication skills. A candidate taking an interest in learning multiple languages clearly indicates a sense of perseverance. Especially for a job profile that demands such a skill, it would be ideal for incorporating such interest into your resume.

Interest in any creative activity

The list goes non-exhaustive while talking about creativity and activities relating to it. Along with professional skills, some candidates tend to be interested in activities such as calligraphy, archery, designing, art, and many more. Such creative activities deserve a place in your resume. Any creative activity requires detailing, and most employers might value your capabilities in this regard.

Traveling as an area of interest in a resume

It is generally perceived that people who love to travel are usually very straightforward and tolerant. Well, that would indicate to your employer your skills as a team player. Team management skills are among the sought-after skills that most employers seek out of their ideal job candidate. Thus, do not forget to mention your travel-oriented interest.

Where to list hobbies and areas of interest in a resume?

The key lies in placing the section of hobbies and area of interest in a resume, in just the right place. It is important to know what hobbies deserve mention in your resume; it is equally important to realize how and where to present them. Thus, we are here to learn how to go about with it in a few steps enlisted as under:

  • Select an appropriate subhead title to highlight such a section.
  • Mention an adequate number of hobbies and do not go extra.
  • Explain each hobby in short phrases.
  • Add the section at the ending of the resume.
  • Try to make it interesting and not typical.
  • It must be relevant to the job profile you are applying for

Tips and tricks to ace area of interest in a resume

Any employer in any field is most likely to look for someone who tends to be an ideal fit for the job profile at hand. Similarly, as an aspiring candidate, you must highlight facts that prove your competency to the interviewer. Especially when it is about hobbies and interests, it can make or break your dream into the actual coming moment. Here are a few tips that can help you have the upper hand among all others while listing the area of interest in a resume:

  • Pick Job relevant hobbies to be displayed on your resume.
  • You can add a point of humor through your words and grab the attention of the interviewer.
  • Vivid research on the company and its job requirements can help achieve better results.
  • Make sure to include a small section on the subject matter with minimal information.
  • Last but not least, a fake mention of an area of interest is the worst thing to opt for, as the interviewer is most likely to scrutinize each aspect you mention.

These are some of the few aspects that, if implemented, can give you a fair chance of getting yourself the dream job you always wished for.


The controversy on whether to include hobbies and interests as part of a resume is everlasting. However, knowing the ideal approach is what gets your job done. Most candidates seeking a job make it a point to highlight all achievements at their best. But, on the contrary, even your hobby has a lot to do in this regard.

If you are exceptionally skilled at a particular thing, it indeed is a big achievement in itself. And that’s something you rightly need to take complete advantage of. It is worth mentioning the right area of interest in a resume. Thus, without any more fear of being judged, go about flaunting the skills that make you stand out among all other applicants. With that, you are all geared up to ace your resume with all attributes that would win the hearts of the interviewer.

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