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Four ways to land a great startup job

You’ve weighed the pros and cons and come to the conclusion that you’re a great fit for a startup job. But wait. Did you stop to think about how you are going to find one?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Startup India initiative has made it clear that the government is gung-ho about entrepreneurship. A recent study reveals that India is home to the third largest number of technology driven startups in the world. But while startups may be hiring in large numbers, they don’t always advertise job openings through the usual channels. Plus it’s no easy task to find a job at companies with no recruiting budgets and where the number of team members can be counted on one hand.

If you’re looking for that great startup job, you need to get creative. Here’s how:

1. Make connections

Most entrepreneurs don’t have the time or funds to recruit strategically. In most cases, they simply network or ask around to fill their open positions. So if you’re looking for a great startup opportunity, you need to make sure you are moving in the right circles.

Attend events or workshops where fast growing start-ups participate in order to promote their product and try and get some time with the speaker after his or her talk. Follow up this interaction with an email related to the topic discussed.

Don’t be shy about making contacts through friends and family. A recommendation is the best way to get hired by an entrepreneur.
At the outset, all of this may seem like a long shot. But eventually your initiatives will pay off.

2. Check online startup job listings

Visiting a job listings website can give you a sense of the market as well as bring specific opportunities to your notice. A service such as Monster India, for instance, has simplified the search process by creating a Make India Work platform for recruiters and potential candidates. 

3. Reach out to startups directly

Tech blogs are always talking about startups that have raised money. That information is crucial for you as those companies are definitely going to be hiring soon and across different functions. If you find something that interests you, reach out to the founder or CEO directly. Connect with them on Twitter. Email them about why you’d be a great fit for the company. Startups are always looking for passionate workers so if you make a good impression, you may have an “in” for future openings.

4. Create an online presence

Posting a resume won’t be enough to land you a coveted startup job. You need to build a strong online presence for that. The first thing an entrepreneur perusing your application will do is Google your name to see what pops up. So ensure you have a strategic presence online that displays your skills and shows how you can make a difference in a start-up. Do it by blogging about your perspectives or sharing your portfolio of work online.

If you believe that you are cut out for a startup career, don’t stop looking until you get your foot in the door. Start your search here.

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