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Recruiting process at Citrix

Are you one of the numerous applicants in the software and information technology industry? Being one of the most in-demand of all sectors, you are up against competitive candidates to get into the most sought-after companies.

Citrix, an American multinational software company is a provider of server, application and desktop virtualisation, networking, software as a service, and cloud computing technologies. As someone looking to join Citrix, you can explore opportunities in the areas of product, sales (inside sales, territory sales, field sales, partner sales), professional services/customer services, engineering and product development, information technology, marketing, and corporate (human resources, legal, finance, security).

In this article, we delve into the details of what type of Citrix interview questions you can expect, what hiring procedures they follow, what they look for in potential candidates, and how you can discover opportunities to work at Citrix.

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Recruiting process at Citrix

As an aspiring candidate, you would be curious to know how the recruitment is carried out at Citrix. Once you send in your resume to them, below is how the process unfolds.

  • Resume review by recruiter
  • Phone interview with recruiter (if shortlisted)
  • Interview with hiring manager
  • Additional interviews
  • Offer
  • Onboarding

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Citrix interview questions

Depending on what profile you apply for, your interview questions and experience would differ greatly. Here we have a compilation of previously-asked Citrix interview questions, which are more inclined towards technical profiles.

  • List out the services provided by Citrix.
  • What is Data Store?
  • List out the ports associated with Citrix services.
  • Mention what is the query command in Citrix?
  • What is web interface or NFuse?
  • What is Citrix XML broker?
  • What is LHC in Citrix?
  • List out the load evaluators that are supported in Citrix?
  • What is the limit of refresh time for Local Host Cache in Citrix?
  • What is Citrix Receiver?
  • What is Citrix Access Gateway?
  • Explain the use of shadowing in Citrix?
  • What is Citrix XML service?
  • What is Delivery Controller?
  • What is Citrix StoreFront?
  • What is Citrix Studio?
  • What is Citrix Director?
  • What is the difference between Citrix XenDesktop virtualisation and XenServer?
  • Do you know what all elements can be packaged as images and then deployed on data centre in Citrix XenDesktop?
  • What is VDA?
  • How can you put the virtual desktop in maintenance mode?
  • In what scenario do you put a virtual desktop into maintenance mode?
  • What do you think of Single Instance Management?
  • If the end user is unable to launch desktop, what can you do to resolve it?
  • What is the use of desktop virtualisation?
  • What is the three-phase approach to desktop virtualisation?
  • What are Machine Creation Services?
  • Does Citrix XenDesktop support global access or public access?
  • What type of FlexCast Delivery model is available in XenDesktop?
  • Does Citrix XenDesktop work if it is offline?
  • What is the HDX technology given by Citrix XenDesktop solution?
  • Explain the security features in Citrix XenDesktop.
  • What is the on-demand apps feature in FlexCast Delivery?
  • What is the main concept of Citrix?
  • If you were tasked to architect a Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 environment, what would be some of the questions you would ask the business, so you can design a technical solution?
  • What is the latest version of XenDesktop you have worked with? Explain a little about your work on it.
  • Explain a difficult challenge you had with XenApp and or XenDesktop and what you did to solve it.
  • What is the role of the XenDesktop Controller?
  • What is ICA?
  • What is RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)?
  • What is Citrix Access Gateway?
  • Explain the load evaluators that are supported in Citrix.
  • What is an ICA file in Citrix?
  • Explain the difference between ICA and RDP.
  • What is the limit of refresh time for Local Host Cache in Citrix?
  • How do you set the refresh time?
  • How can you see LHC information?
  • How do you implement policies to streamed applications?
  • What is Speed Screen Latency Reduction?
  • What is loading balance in Citrix?
  • Explain XML service in Citrix.
  • What is shadowing?
  • How do you remove a dead server from the Citrix Management Console?
  • What is the use of Independent Management Architecture?
  • What is the purpose of Zones?
  • What is the need of Data Store?
  • Explain the effective uses of Citrix.
  • What are the steps involved in clearing XenServer Cache?
  • Explain IMA port numbers. 

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How you can apply for jobs at Citrix

If you haven’t had the chance to apply for a job at Citrix, fret not. If you have your resume updated and ready to send out, all you need to do is go through the listed postings on Citrix’s career page. Once you find a role suited to your skills, you can apply through their website, where you can upload your resume and fill in other details for the application process or apply using your LinkedIn profile. If you find more than one suitable role, you are free to apply to them.

Another way to stay updated about upcoming jobs at Citrix is signing up with their talent community or create a free job alert on MonsterIndia.com for Citrix jobs. With job alerts, you would be the first to know about new job openings at Citrix. You can also register yourself with online job portals for regular updates on the latest available job openings. 


What they look for in potential candidates

In order to get yourself the best chance of being selected by Citrix, you can prep yourself with additional information apart from the nature of expected interview questions. When it comes to potential candidates, Citrix looks for individuals who are curious and want to be part of an innovative and collaborative culture. Since they value diversity, they welcome people from all walks of life. They believe that it is not only your technical expertise but also your unique life experiences that together contribute towards making business greater.

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