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Android Developer Resume Sample and Writing Tips

Android developer resume

 So, you are on the search for android developer jobs. But you lack a decent android developer resume. You might be thinking why you even need to focus that much on your resume if you have the right skills for the android developer job. Yes, having the skills for it is crucial, but without a resume to advertise it for you, recruiters won’t call you.
How do you create an android developer resume that makes the recruiter call you? Here we discuss all the important points to create a winning android developer resume.


Android developer resume format

Having a resume format in place makes it a lot easier to put down all the information. Based on your experience level and skills, you can choose from the top three resume formats known – chronological or reverse-chronological resume format, functional resume format and hybrid resume format.

For a detailed look at these resume formats, read this: Resume Formats: Choose the One That’s Right for You

Android developer resume objective

Once the recruiter has seen your name and contact details, your resume objective is the first important detail of your candidacy they see. Your android developer resume objective is where you explain why your skills make you the right fit for the job as well as the company. Remember to keep it as brief as possible.

Find more on resume objectives here:

Android developer work experience

This section is where you can use your work to describe your skillset. This means, talk about accomplishments rather than duties.

Example 1 – ‘Worked on improving footfall through better UI/UX.’

Example 2 – ‘Achieved 40% higher footfall through improved UI and UX integration.’ 

See how the second example adds value by explaining your action (achieved) and quantifying it (40%) too? 


Android developer skills

Since your skills are your most important feature as an android developer, you must treat this section with attention. Add your non-technical or soft skills as well. This is because recruiters want to also select someone who is a good fit for the company culture, not just an android developer.

Some examples of technical skills for an android developer:

  • Expertise in software systems like Java
  • Knowledge of android SDK concepts
  • Understanding of XML basics
  • Back-end programming
  • Knowledge of Material design guidelines

Some examples of soft skills:

  • Collaborative skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Perseverance
  • Passion for learning


Editing your android developer resume

No matter the position or role you apply for, having an error-free and well-written resume goes a long way. It only takes something as simple as an online grammar tool or someone with good language skills to have an error-free android developer resume.

Get more on editing your resume here: 5 Tips to Edit Your Resume Like an Expert

Android developer resume sample 

Android developer resume


Android developer resume template

Here’s another android developer resume template that you can make use of to increase your chances of getting an android developer job.

Android developer resume

Source: Medium.com 

With the right information presented in the right way, your android developer resume can garner more interview calls than ever. And your search for the right android developer jobs gets easier.


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