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8 Tips to Launch a Career in Java Development as a Fresher

Java is the most popular language used for coding purposes and platforms for practical application. Its popularity can be credited to its multidimensional nature as it can be used to create personalised applications which are fast and light and serve a broad spectrum of purposes.

Java is used in almost every company, whether they are start-ups or tech giants like Amazon, Google, etc. Hence, Java Developer jobs can significantly boost your career in today’s world. 

Java ranks among the top five professional programming languages as per the reports of the 2019 Stack Overflow survey.

Here’s how you can better your chances of getting a Java Developer job:

Build a strong edifice of OOPs

If you aspire to become a java developer, you must have a sound knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs). You need to have the concepts related to OOPs at your fingertips. You can learn more about it by undertaking an internship in Java training. 

A mastery of OOPs, Polymorphism, and Design Patterns is essential if you want to apply for Java Developer jobs.

Know the key APIs well

The term API can be expanded as Application Programming Interface. APIs are a core part of Java development. You must be skilled in the various language constructs and basic APIs such as Generics, Exceptions, Threads, Collections, and JDBC, among many others. In so far as web development is concerned, you should have a basic knowledge of JSPs. JSPs give you hands-on experience in developing several kinds of applications. 

Apply as a volunteer for developing free applications with Java

Many community forums search for Java web developers for building their websites. To try your luck at applying for Java Developer jobs, you need to hone your Java developing skills. Volunteering to offer your services to build their website will help you gain experience. 

 Coding practice is the key

To apply for the best Java Developer jobs, you need to have a firm grip over the concepts of coding. Theories of coding may seem simpler, but once you begin to apply them practically to find solutions, it is not quite easy. To sharpen your skills, practise is the key. You can also apply for an internship in the said programming language.

Refer to open source projects

You can add your inputs to open source projects and also subscribe to these forums. Take part in the discussions and try to gain ideas on the drawbacks of your methods of developing a particular code. You will always benefit from exchanging ideas with peers. Being a part of these open forums will expose you to practical challenges that can prepare you for the Java Developer jobs professionally.

Master Java EE

Begin learning the basics of Java EE (Enterprise Edition) after finishing the course on Core Java. Java EE is popularly known as Advanced Java. Understanding the aspects of Java EE helps you work on web development projects as Java EE has provisions for additional features like web services and distributed computing. This comprises technologies like WebSocket, Servlet, and Java Server Faces, etc.

Make projects with JSP & Servlets

Combine Java with Front End technologies like CSS, HTML, Java script and try doing mini projects on different areas to help you develop your skills. Make it a target to develop at least two projects, one with JSP and the other with Servlet. Developing projects like these will help you assess your skills in this programming language.

Learn Spring Frameworks & Hibernate

The next stage for Java EE and Java SE is learning Java Frameworks which consist of the Hibernate Framework and Spring Framework. These two frameworks are very popular with Java developers. 

  1. i) Utility of Spring framework – Several Java Development Companies use Spring frameworks such as Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud for developing a web application these days.
  2. ii) Utility of Hibernate frameworks – Hibernate framework is the most sought-after framework for planning a domain object-oriented design to a relational database as well as the Hibernate Query Language. Knowing these frameworks will give you an edge over others when you apply for Java Developer jobs.

Java Developer jobs are popular and have good prospects. However, you need to prove your skills in various aspects of Java for clinching a job in this domain. You can gain more insight by undertaking training or an internship program in Java. An in-depth knowledge of OOPs, Design Patterns, and Polymorphism will serve as an excellent launch pad to kickstart your career in java development.  

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