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8 IIS Questions & Answers to help you get the job you deserve

Let’s start off by stating the obvious. First impression matters and making a good first impression during a job interview can go a long way in helping you bag that IIS job you have been working so hard for. It’s no secret that interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience for both freshers and experienced professionals alike. However, the pressure tends to go up several notches especially if it’s for a job that you really have been yearning for. One of the best ways to ensure that you stay calm and composed is to prepare and prepare well.

Here are eight IIS Interview Questions that could prove to be the game changer in your next IIS job interview.

1. Can you point out the various permission settings that are available in the creation of Virtual Directory?

The permission settings that can be set during virtual directory creation are as under:

• Read
• Write
• Browse
• Run Scripts
• Execute

2. Please describe the various properties of App Pool in IIS.

The App pool is IIS is characterised by the following four properties:

• Recycling
• Performance
• Health
• Identity

3. Can you identify the different authentication modes used for IIS remote debugging process?

msvsmon.exe is the tool used for IIS remote debugging. The IIS remote debugging process supports two distinct modes:

• Windows Authentication
• No Authentication

4. Can you explain the concept of Application pools in IIS?

Application Pools are basically a group of web applications and websites. Any number of application pools can exist at one time. Moreover, they are used to isolate our web application for the purposes of providing us with better security, availability, reliability, and performance as they can keep running parallelly without disrupting each other’s functioning. DefaultAppPool is the name of the default application pool in IIS.  

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5. What are various authentication methods using windows authentication which is provided by IIS?

There are five distinct types of authentication methods usually provided by IIS which include:

• Anonymous Method
• Basic Method
• Digest Method
• Windows Integrated Method
• Passport Authentication Method

6. Can you explain what recycling of application pool means?

Recycling the application pool basically entails recycling the worker process (w3wp.exe) along with the memory used for the web application. Accordingly, there are two distinct types of recycling which are relatable to the application pool:

• Recycling Worker Process – Predefined Settings
• Recycling Worker Process – Based on memory

7. What is a web garden and explain the process of creating a web garden?

By default, each application pool runs with the aid of a single worker process(w3wp.exe). We can assign multiple worker processes to a single application pool. A web garden is nothing but an application pool which has configured on a single server by specifying multiple worker processes. Each worker process should have their own thread as well as their own memory space.

For creating a web garden, we need to go into the application pool, right click on the application pool, click on the properties and then head into the performance tab. Once that’s completed, we need to go into the web garden section and increase the number of work processes. By default, this value is 1.

8. What is the command used to stop and restart Internet services?

Internet services can be stopped and restarted by using the “IISRESET” command. 

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