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8 advanced jQuery interview questions and answers

8 advanced jQuery interview questions and answers

If you’re an experienced professional looking to ace your jQuery interview, then the first thing you should be aware of the jQuery common interview questions that are expected to be asked to you. Besides, you should also prepare for general questions concerning your work background or explaining why you are a good fit for the company.

Here, we have compiled a list of advanced jQuery questions, so that you’re able to craft a great answer for each tricky question thrown your way. From there, all that’s left is to practice until you’re as proficient as possible before your jQuery interview.

Before you head out for your big jQuery interview, make sure to go through these questions.

1. What is a CDN?

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) can be termed as a large distributed system of servers deployed across a range of data centres across the Internet. The primary objective of a CDN is to offer content to end-users with both, high availability as well as high performance.

2. What is the difference between parent () and parents() methods in jQuery?

The main difference between parent () and parents () methods in jQuery is that the parent() function travels only one level in the DOM tree, whereas the parents() function searches through the entirety of the DOM tree.

3. What is the finish method in jQuery?

Introduced in jQuery 1.9, the .finish() method puts a stop to all queued animations and thereon places all the element(s) in their final state.

4. In jQuery, which method can we use in order to confirm whether an element is empty or not?

By making use of the “:empt” selector and/or $.trim() functions, we can confirm if an element is empty or not empty.

5. Can you touch upon the difference between jQuery.get() and jQuery.ajax() method?

While get() method can be described as a specialization over ajax in order to retrieve some data, the ajax() method, on the other hand, is a method which is whole lot more powerful as well as configurable, thus allowing you to specify how long to wait and also how to handle any error.

6. Can you name a few JQuery events?

• jQuery click() event.
• jQuery dblclick() event.
• jQuery mouseenter() event.
• jQuery mouseleave() event.
• jQuery mousedown() event.
• jQuery mouseup() event.
• jQuery hover() event.
• jQuery focus() and blur() events.

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7. Can you explain the primary advantage of loading jQuery library through CDN?

Besides helping reduce server bandwidth and allowing faster downloads, the main advantage of loading jQuery library using CDN is that it won’t redownload jQuery version from the same CDN if the browser has already downloaded it before.

8. Can you explain the differences between “attr” And “prop” In jQuery?

While the Attr() method is used to extract the value of the attribute of the first element, the Prop() method is used in order to obtain the value of the first element property.

Here is an additional list of questions that can be asked during your interview so make sure to gain an understanding of these as well, to avoid getting caught off-guard.

1. Can you explain how one can create a clone of any object using jQuery?
2. Do events also get copied when you clone an element in jQuery?
3. How to use caching in jQuery and does it help?
4. Can you explain the concepts of “$ function” in jQuery with the help of an example?
5. Explain what Chaining is in jQuery?
6. Can you describe how jQuery stores data related to an element?
7. Can you explain the use of the jQuery load() method?
8. Describe the use of attr() method in jQuery?
9. Can you pinpoint the main advantage of loading jQuery library using CDN?
10. Can you explain how would you find all selected options of HTML select tag?

Besides answering these questions, you also need to ensure that you list out clear reasons for wanting the job at the time of your jQuery interview. You can do this by showcasing enthusiasm for the work as well as the position while also presenting knowledge of the organization and the job profile. It’s all about going for your jQuery interview in the right frame of mind to make it work for you.

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