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5 Ways to celebrate the spirit of Holi at work without colour!

Traditionally, Holi is a day when we choose to play with colors, laugh, enjoy and let bygones be bygones.

But can a workplace go hand in hand with fun and frolic? If the idea of being at work on Holi has you off-color, we suggest you work around it with these fun ideas. Make sure you sound out your manager and the HR department and get approval before finalizing any activities.

Announce a dress code

holi t-shirt
The traditional dress code for Holi festivities has always been white. All the better to color you, hmmm? Don’t rue the fact that you can’t go berserk with color. White T-shirts with slogans and a smattering of colors is sure to put everyone in a Holi-day mood. Looking for ideas? For starters, try Holi Hai; Save Water, Drink Bhang and The Big Bhang Theory. Make up your own along the way.

Set the stage

holi colours

Most offices are fine with Diwali decorations so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t allow you to add a little color to the workspace. Festive décor doesn’t have to mean expensive. A Holi installation – it could be as simple as a display of gulal in cutting chai glasses – will send the mood at the entryway. String up bright balloons and paper buntings/ribbons across cubicles. And never underestimate the power that bunches of colorful fresh flowers wield.

Organize a Holi lunch

holi lunch
No office is going to okay a raucous party with colors and loud music but who can turn down a special lunch replete with traditional eats associated with Holi? Make it a potluck and assign a dish to every team. Thandai, Gujiya, Malpua, Dal Kachori, Dahi Bade – aren’t you itching to get to the buffet already? Save the Bhang ki Pakodi and Chutney for the after-Holi party!

Plan a photo shoot

Holi photo shoot
Make it a day to remember by setting up a small photo booth in an open area. A blank wall and a variety of props – rainbow wigs, multicolored hats, outsized sunglasses and colorful boards to hold up – will make for stunning visuals. Don’t forget a pile of masks, mooches (moustaches) and pouts to add to the fun.

Host an interfriendtion

holi friends
The festival of Holi is a day to forgive and forget, and to try and end conflicts. Could there be a better day to make peace amongst teams and people who are at loggerheads in the office? It’s easier said than done but sending out the message may help break the ice. Over time, this will translate into better collaboration and teamwork.

Now that you know how to lend color to Holi in a colorless office, have a wonderful Holi!

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