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3 Mistakes that could cost you your dream job

3 Mistakes that could cost you your dream job

You’ve been called in to interview for your dream job and everyone’s offering you pointers on how to ace it. But what you really need is advice on what not to do. And who could do a better job guiding you than top professionals from the industry?

Monster.com asked India’s top HR professionals for the lowdown on the three biggest mistakes candidates make in an interview. Here’s what they said:

1. People go in unprepared

There is just no excuse for not doing your homework, says Neelam Gill Malhotra, senior HR professional. Read up before the interview and tailor your responses to the industry. Shailesh Singh, HR expert, concurs. “Try and gain knowledge about the company and the vision of its leaders,” he says.

2. People oversell themselves

You can embroider things but there’s no call for dishonesty of any kind in an interview. Be honest and present a balanced picture instead of beating around the bush. “A lot of candidates try to be what they are not; it’s like they don’t present a true picture of themselves. Be yourself and project a realistic assessment of your achievements,” Priyanka Anand, senior HR professional, shares.

3. Candidates don’t communicate clearly

Lots of candidates aren’t precise in their responses. They rush into their answers so there seems to be no correlation between questions asked and answers. V Manjunath Rao, senior HR person, points out, “Your ability to communicate is what gets your message across to the interviewer. So ensure that you give the question some thought, think through the answer and structure it cohesively. Being precise is of utmost importance.”
At the end, remember that honesty counts. You may build yourself up but lies – especially when they relate to job performance and experience – will be seen through after some time.

Always project a professional image as you are in a formal situation – dress appropriately, be polite and mind your language. Keep all that in mind, and you’ll be on a good wicket!

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