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Tips to unlock the interview process for Java jobs at Infosys

Java continues to be among the most popular programming languages in the world, generating tons of jobs for software engineers. Coders that are well versed in the free, open source programming language find jobs at several companies including Infosys. Infosys interview questions for Java are designed to test your proficiency in the language by focussing on the basics and previous work experiences.


The interview process consists of two rounds—Technical and HR. The technical round may further be divided into two rounds depending on the interview panel. You will be called for the HR round only upon qualifying in the technical interview.

Technical round

Although there have been instances where advanced technical questions have been asked, the technical round is not too difficult in most cases. Candidates are quizzed on their understanding of core Java apart from the technologies mentioned in their CV and their role in previous projects. Here are some questions you could be asked:

1. Rate yourself in Java out of 10.
2. Which is the package you are familiar with?
3. Tell us about your current role and project.
4. Why you are looking for a job change?
5. Explain sample architecture for retrieving employee details from table.
6. What are inner classes and what are the types?
7. What is the difference between HashMap and HashSet?
8. Where are configuration files stored in your application?
9. What is a transient variable?
10. What is a singleton pattern and explain its real time usage.
11. Life cycle of a thread.
12. Serialization with code.
13. What is a serializable interface?
14. Why do we go for JPA and EJB? Can we use any other framework?
15. Refactoring.
16. Explain your application architecture.
17. Difference between error and exception.
18. Simple programs in core Java.
19. Find the length of string without using length.
20. Sample program for linked list implementation. Which is preferred—array list or linked list?

Once you’ve cleared the technical round, you will be called for the HR round where you will be asked some general HR questions such as the reason for applying, apart from behavioral questions to assess your work ethic, judgment, and fitment in the company. Things like your salary, designation etc. will also be discussed here. For an idea of the questions to expect in the HR interview along with tips on answering them, read this article.

On the whole, the interview process isn’t hard provided you have the right kind of preparation. Refresh your basics on the language and brush up on the projects you have been involved in with special emphasis on the obstacles faced and how you handled them. Be ready to answer questions relating to your strengths and weaknesses. Communication skills are given a lot of weightage at Infosys—even more than technical skills if you are a fresher. At the same time, don’t seem too desperate for the job as that may make them wary about hiring you.

Looking for a Java job at Infosys? Find one here. For more tips on how to interview better, click here.

This article has been compiled from various sources including company websites, corporate review sites, online discussion forums and knowledge sharing platforms.

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