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Journalism – A New Career Craze

Are you creative, confident, enthusiastic, good in writing and communication? Do you have an eye for details and accuracy?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, you can leverage your interpersonal skills to pave a way for a successful career in journalism. With the media industry showing an increasing charm, journalism is fast evolving as an alluring career option.

Now, the question arises what a journalist actually does?

According to some people, voicing your opinion and making the world hear it is what journalism all about! However one needs to be abreast with each and every minute detail to voice for anything. So, a journalist collects, analyzes, verifies, and presents information regarding current affairs, trends, issues and people. Journalists keep the masses informed about the most recent happenings occurring all around the world.

The Journalism job demands travelling, interacting with people from all walks of life and managing tight deadlines. One thing where most aspiring journalists fail is writing speedily. You may have a flair for writing and show a good grasp of the news,

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates need to have a bachelors or a masters desgree in Journalism or mass communication or mass media.

As a career, there are three major areas within the realm of journalism, where aspirants can look forward to:

·         Research & Training: Research & training is particularly for the Ph. D. recipients in journalism who want to work as a research scientist with media research institutes, Universities, and government organizations.

·         Print Journalism: It deals with reporting and writing for newspapers, magazines, and journals.

·         Electronic (Audio/Video) Journalism: One can also look forward to join news channels as a news reporter, a news anchor or a news writer.


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