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How to apply for the same job twice

Actually, the first question you should be asking yourself here is should you apply for the same job twice?

If you previously sent in an application and never heard anything back, then you potentially don’t have anything to lose by trying again. What’s the worst that’s gonna happen? You’ll get ignored again?

If you got to the interview stage and didn’t get the job, you also have a chance here. If you truly think you’ve got the right skills for the job – or perhaps you’re the right cultural fit for the company but would be better suited in another role – then by all means get in touch with the recruiter and try again.

Fact is, you can apply for the same job twice, as long as you’re careful about it. Follow these basic guidelines if you really, really, really want to try again:

  1. If you’re applying online, remember that many organisations will use resume screening software to filter people out. You’re likely going to have to change your approach so that the machines don’t kick you out this time!
  2. Alter the layout, font and point size of your resume. Change the flow slightly; use some different language. It all helps.
  3. Take another look at the job description. What keywords do they use when talking about the experience needed and responsibilities included? Make sure to replicate these words throughout your resume.
  4. Dig deeper. Instead of just saying, “I have experience leading a team”, give concrete examples and data, where possible. Numbers, percentages and other figures will all help to quantify how capable you are for this role.
  5. Apply using a different email address (and phone number, if possible). You’ll already be in their system, so this is a surefire way to get around it.
  6. Take a breath. Patience is a virtue! You don’t necessarily need to re-apply straight away – sometimes you’ve got a better chance at being hired if you give it time. Especially if that job description stays online for months, it means they’re clearly having issues filling the role. This would be a great time to try your luck a second time.
  7. No matter what happens, stay in touch with the hiring manager in a friendly manner. Drop them an email every now and then – even if you’ve got another job – and let them know what you’re up to, what you’re achieving, and what new skills you’ve picked up. You never know, you could end up getting hired for a very similar job in a year or so!

At the end of the day, the worst thing that could happen is that you don’t get hired – again. So, what’s the harm? Good luck!

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