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Happy Monster Holidays!

Happy Monster Holidays! If you have not caught up with it already, here is more on our new Content Marketing Campaign – Happy Monster Holidays – aimed at helping you manage your work efficiently to enjoy your time with family and friends this holiday season.

Unplanned leaves can result with you sitting in office and missing out on all the festivities this season. Plan ahead and bring back the cheer.

An imaginary wedding, an uninvited boss and one confused mother- unplanned leaves can cause more trouble than you think! Don’t be that guy and plan ahead.

From your brother’s imaginary wedding to a stomach ache to a fake doctor appointment, the excuses for taking leaves last minute are innumerable. As the December festivities approach, make sure you aren’t in a fix like most others.

Plan your work and holidays better and have fun! Want a helping hand? Read through the following articles:


Asking for leaves this holiday season? Here’s how to go about it

It should be quite easy to hit the ‘send’ button on that leave application e-mail and earn the leave you’ve been carefully saving for the whole year. And you might expect that your manager will quickly approve and see you off with a smile.

Sadly, that’s not the case always. Read More


4 simple work hacks to avoid stress this festive season

For many professionals, festivities do not always mean a holiday. Many of them do not manage to get off work during the festival days. And this is a tricky situation faced by many, no matter which sector they are in. Stressful workplaces can, however, take a toll on the health and quality of lives of employees. Here’s how to handle it.

7 time-saving secrets to help you leave office on time

You want to leave at 6 pm every day, but never get out of your cubical before 7.30 pm. You constantly crib about never being able to pursue your hobbies, but don’t know how to carve time into your day.

If you thought logging in extra hours every working day translated into being the best on the team, think again. Read More


Use the spirit of Diwali to energize your work

The biggest and brightest festival of India, Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and good over evil. Here’s how you can use the spirit of the Festival of Lights to revive your work ethos. Read More

8 ways to bring a little Diwali cheer to work

Diwali, the biggest and brightest of all Indian festivals, is almost here and the festive fervour is apparent everywhere. Homes are being cleaned thoroughly and bedecked with lamps and candles, but how can you ensure that your workplace sparkles through the festive season? Read More


Ready to rock-n-roll? Have fun and Happy Monster Holidays to you ;).

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