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Infosys Technical interview for Experienced Java developer

Being one of the most popular programming languages globally, there is a huge demand for Java developers. Infosys technical interview questions for experienced candidates in Java revolve around basic Java concepts, technical experiences and projects handled, apart from your communication skills. Here’s what you can expect.

Preparing for the interview

Depending on the nature of the project, you may be asked to sit for one or two rounds of technical interview. While preparing, brush up on your basic Java concepts, be ready to talk about the projects you’ve been involved in, the challenges you faced and how you overcame them, and be willing to market yourself. Also brush up on your vocabulary since Infosys pays a great deal of attention to English and communication. Go through the job description and brush up in the topics mentioned therein.

Sample questions

Below are some questions that experienced Java developers have been previously asked at Infosys interviews. These should give you an idea of what to expect at the technical interview.

• Serialization with code.
• Singleton with code.
• Spring MVC architecture.
• Simple programs in core Java.
• About current role and project.
• Refactoring.
• Expertise in core Java—interface, abstract class, collections.
• J2EE technologies—Servlet, JDBC, JSP, JSTL.
• Frame works like Hibernate.

Other common questions you should prepare for include:

• Multi-threading.
• Java OOPS concepts.
• Exceptions.
• Generics.
• Basic knowledge of Oracle.

There are many Java projects at Infosys where you could get an opportunity to work as a lateral hire. One of the top Indian tech brands, Infosys boasts of an excellent work culture and also offers outstanding growth opportunities. As an Infoscian, you will get the opportunity to work on the projects of many leading global brands and benefit from world class training and infrastructure. You’ll also get to work with the latest technologies. So go ahead and apply now. It could be the beginning of a rewarding phase in your career!

To find a Java developer’s job at Infosys, click here.

This article has been compiled from various sources including company websites, corporate review sites, online discussion forums and knowledge sharing platforms.

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