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Engineering Resume Example & Writing Tips

You’re an engineering student preparing hard for your exams. Between your study and dreaming about landing the best job in the real world, there is a piece of paper called a resume.

Read on to know the most comprehensive list of qualities you need in an engineering resume format.

A guide to making your engineering resume format more professional and acceptable:

You must highlight the achievements and skills at the beginning of the resume. Attention to detail is one of the best engineering resume writing tips you have ever need for an intriguing resume that catches the eye of an employer. Make the fonts and headings clear while writing an engineering resume. Focus on your skills if you’re a freelancer or switched to many organizations to make a perfect engineering resume.

Ways to produce a creative resume summary statement-

HR statistics from Glassdoor show us the average number of resumes a corporate job received in 2021 was 250+ resumes for a single position. And, only 4-6 candidates will get the chance for an interview.

Below is the essence to grab HR’s attention:

  • You will write a resume summary if you have a lot of experience.
  • You may want to write a resume statement or objective when you’re an engineering student or don’t have relevant experience.

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Engineering summary pattern-

Creative civil engineer with seven-plus years of experience worked in the industry among the leaders. Knows the real-world-based process needed to plan and design for a building. Enhanced productivity by twenty-five percent at Larsen and Toubro group. Reduced raw material cost by twenty percent and reduced the time by eighteen percent. Lead a team of thirty engineering people and decreased errors by twenty-eight percent for a building project.

How do you like it above? Different from the rest? That is right!

Again, someone may write the engineering resume summary as below-

Civil engineer with seven years of experience. Proficient in solving complex problems, team worker, proven planner for building, and can lead a team for a project.

It’s the wrong way to write an engineering resume.

So, let’s discuss in-depth the engineering resume writing tips.

Ways to write an engineering resume for an entry-level job:

An energetic engineering student worked in the freelancing industry. I finished numerous client work plus an internship with TATA for six months. I also designed a construction project for the Jaypee group. Finished and delivered the projects within the budget limit and before the deadline.

By writing an engineering resume in this pattern, you are giving the reasons to HR to read it.

If you crave to save time and energy, you may search over the internet for the essential skills for your very first engineering student resume. You will need to add the skills for your particular field. An engineering resume for each job description needs to be customized when making a personal engineering resume template. Make sure you add bullet points when writing the engineering student resume and check the spelling.

Ways to add experience to your resume:

Writing an engineering resume with experience is not a difficult job anymore. Here you will showcase your competence on your engineering resume in the experience section.

What you should keep in mind is that the experience should be relevant to the job descriptions.

When you are applying for a civil engineering job, add things like planning and designing in Autocad. Maintain safety measures on the site to reduce human errors.

Each engineering resume needs to match with each particular job precisely. Begin with the job description. Mentions all the skill sets the firm is searching for their job. Start with the last job you had. You need to specify a minimum of four qualities.

Let’s review two engineering resume examples:

Civil engineer

TATA Projects

2019 – 2021

  • Solve complex design with Autocad and create 2d design on the job site. Resolved complex problems like machinery handling, redesign of a building plan, and construction equipment installation.
  • Estimate material costs to increase efficiency by thirty percent over the earlier design. Analyze potential risks with the appropriate action.
  • Increase in production quality by twenty-five percent. Reduce machine errors and human mistakes in the workplace by twenty-three percent.
  • Less rework on construction designs by twenty-six percent. Receive less number of complaints from the customer on the projects.

Above is the right way of mentioning your relevant experience on the engineering resume. It has a lot of details where HR can learn more about the candidate. It ultimately helps in assessing whether you will be the right fit for the company.

Civil engineer-

TATA Projects:

2019 – 2021:

  • Work with many projects and contractors.
  • Estimating material costs and analyzing potential risks.
  • Work according to the schedule and never miss the deadline.
  • Leadership skills to manage a team.
  • Resolve design and complex plans on the site.
  • Conduct general building works on the site.

That is only simple, right? You will need a few more details and numbers to add to make your relevant experience look more impressive.

Engineering resume examples with no experience at all-

When you do not have the relevant experience or just dropped out of college. No worries. You can still build one of those professional-looking engineer resumes.

You will need to add a few freelancing jobs that can even last for two or three days. You will find plenty of one-off jobs if you research well in the job portal that pays you. Never disregard the value of these jobs. Mention them like regular jobs. For example, a civil engineer just built a design for the local municipality.

Look at the below example of an engineering resume with no prior experience.

  • Designed a building for a municipality and assessed the budget to keep the cost of the materials low.
  • Drafted a weekly post about building plans in the newspaper.

How do you add education to your engineering resume?

Start with the basic things like where you graduated from and the name of the college. Add the number of years spent in the institute. Finally, finish it with the name of the degree.

Skills you may add to your engineering resume.

  • You can add Soft skills like creativity, communication.
  • You can add Hard skills like CAD, Design, and computer skills.

How do you feature the ‘Other’ section on your resume?

You have licenses, awards, or have done courses related to the job. You will add these in this section on the engineering resume.

We are missing an essential part of resume making. The contact info list on the resume is a critical part.

Contact info writing style on the engineering resume

  • Nowadays, you may add more than just the full name.
  • Add an updated phone number and professional Email address.
  • To give it a personal touch, add social media handles as well.

Finally, always add details with numbers and metrics. Tailor each resume with your engineering degree and the job requirements.

Frequently asked questions about Engineering Resume:

1. Is it possible to use the same resume for a different job?

You will need to tailor your resume to match the job descriptions.

2. Which information should not be mentioned in my resume?

You can leave out personal information other than your contact information.

3. How long should my resume be?

Your resume should be within 1-2 pages.

4. Where in the resume should I list my address?

You can mention your address at the top of your resume.

5. Do I need to mention my GPA?

It is optional unless a particular job requires this to include on the resume.

Here is an example for your reference regarding an engineering resume:

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