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Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

Digital marketing managers plan, develop, implement and manage the digital marketing and marketers of an organization. Planning and managing digital marketing strategy and digital marketing campaigns are vital responsibilities of a digital marketing manager.  Increasing awareness of the brand, company website traffic, and sales lead generation are also responsibilities of a digital marketing manager. Digital marketing managers plan and manage the digital marketing campaign that advertises the company’s brand, services, and products. They are responsible for planning the campaigns, metrics analysis, and identification of trends. They also have experience in social media and art direction.

What Is a Digital Marketing Manager?

Digital marketing managers manage the digital marketing strategy of an organization. They manage projects and complete the same successfully. Social media campaigns, company content maintenance, content calendars are other tasks undertaken by digital marketing managers. They measure the effectiveness of different digital marketing campaigns.

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

A digital marketing manager develops, implements, tracks, and optimizes digital marketing campaigns across all the digital channels. He is responsible for developing strong and innovative digital marketing strategies. He should use SEO, PPC, and other techniques to drive the targeted traffic to company sites. It should generate interest in the products and services of the company. He should create engaging video, written, and graphic content while being up-to-date on the advanced marketing technologies and the social network.

Digital Marketing Manager job duties include:

  • Creating and implementation of SEO and PPC strategies
  • Creating and managing the building of link and content marketing strategies, and also presences in social media
  • Innovation and presenting new advertising platforms and tacts
  • Development of attractive content online, like graphics, clickbait, videos, forums, and blogs
  • Monitoring and analysis of the success of content
  • Forecasting growth of marketing campaigns and ROI for the same
  • Management of social media and email marketing campaigns
  • Creation of engaging and unique content by contacting, screening, and hiring the web, graphic designers, and videographers.
  • Using Google Analytics, Ad Words, and other appropriate websites
  • Diverting traffic to the company sites
  • Development and management of projects and the team members, the inclusion of assigned tasks, reviewing the work of the team members, sticking to deadlines and budget
  • developing new ideas and revising them, and implementation of projects
  • Being up to date with the  new websites of social media, technologies of the web, and latest digital marketing trends
  • Implementation of latest technologies in the development of campaigns and updating present campaigns to incorporate the new data

Digital marketing managers plan and manage the digital marketing campaigns that promote an organization’s brand, services, and products. The job includes planning campaigns, metrics analysis, and trend identification. Experience in social media and art direction is an added advantage.

Responsibilities of Digital Marketing Manager

  • Reporting and measuring the progress of all digital marketing campaigns.
  • Presence and maintenance of social media across all digital channels.
  • Developing digital marketing campaign strategies, email, web, SEO, social media, and display marketing.
  • Designing and overseeing all features of the digital marketing department, advertising database, display marketing, and email campaigns.
  • Development and monitoring of budgets of campaigns.
  • Planning and management of social networking platforms.
  • Preparation of precise reports of the digital marketing campaigns and the overall performance of the same.
  • Coordination with the marketing and the media professionals for the improvement of the marketing results.
  • Identification of the current trends and the latest technologies of the industry.
  • Evaluation of essential metrics affecting site traffic, service shares, and the targeted audience.
  • Working with the team to come up with modern and ground-breaking strategies for growth.
  • Overseeing and managing digital projects, giveaways, and contests. 
  • Requirements for Digital Marketing Manager

A bachelor’s degree is required for the post of Digital Marketing Manager. It can be marketing, communication, digital media, graphic design, liberal arts, or English. Management of digital content and development of team members are expected of a digital marketing manager. Job portals, social media, and company pages advertise for the post of a digital marketing manager. Digital Marketing candidates can apply through these platforms for the position. Key requirements for the role are as follows:

  •  A Bachelor’s degree in marketing.
  • 5 years+ experience in an advertising or digital marketing position.
  • Expertise in various social networking platforms, website analytics, and best analytics.
  • Sound understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, is necessary.
  • Great creativity skills with very good analytical abilities.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Being up to date with the current trends and the latest technologies in digital marketing.

Average Salary for Digital Marketing Manager (City Based Tables)

The salary of a digital marketing manager may vary depending on the pay scale and the number of employees in the particular company. It also depends on the resources and the city where the company is located. For the metropolitan cities with higher connectivity and IT companies, the salary is seen to hike more than other towns.

A digital marketing manager, on average, earns around ₹6, 11,468 per year in India. For all the cities, follow the table below:

City Of IndiaSalary per annum

Key Skills

  • Analysis of Data
  • Paid Commercials
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Management System
  • Social Networks
  • Written and Spoken Communication
  • Marketing through Mobiles
  • Strategic Management

Many organizations are hiring Digital Marketing Managers in different competitive trends. It signifies the growing need in hiring Digital Marketing professionals. Internet users spend at least 4-5 hours every day surfing the net. It has resulted in turning digital marketing into a lucrative career choice. A manager in digital marketing is the most sought position in the field of digital marketing.

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Becoming a Digital Marketing Manager

To become a Digital Marketing Manager the following points are to be noted:

  • Knowledge of marketing landscape
  • A solid SEO foundation
  • Being a PPC Expert
  • Social Media Marketing skills
  • Organizing of campaigns for content marketing
  • Proficiency in email marketing
  • Emotional Intelligence

The right digital marketing manager can do wonders for brand awareness and reaching out to prospective clients. Effective marketing of the position and organization is needed to get qualified candidates. Identifying new advertising opportunities, increasing awareness of the brand, managing digital markets, and SEO activities like link building, content strategy, and keyword usage. The ideal candidate should effectively use all the digital assets like the company site, social networks, and email for the creation of marketing strategies that help in boosting conversion rates which ultimately increases the ROI of the company. Innovative thinking skills, focusing on the positive client experience, and being proactive are vital for this position.

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