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Contract Jobs – A Solution to Better Work-Life Balance

For many working mothers, it’s doable to coast through their careers for some years while devoting most of their energy to raising their kids. This at times results into missing immediate opportunities that can help them ascent up the corporate ladder. And they could feel dissatisfied with their status quo, either because they need personal satisfaction that come with advancement, or because they work in an industry where careers can wither if they don’t advance.

Contract jobs can help working mothers continue an upward trajectory while caring for their family without compromising on either of them. They let you keep your family onboard as you continue to advance your career and negotiate flexible working arrangements. In addition, you get an opportunity to learn new skill sets and gain experience in another industry / sector.

Even if at a later stage, you decide to accept a permanent employment; your contract job experience can help you decide whether to work for such a company in future.

What to Look for When Accepting a Contract Job

You need to be highly meticulous while choosing contract jobs.

  • Pay attention to the nature of the work and understand the legal implications of breaking a contract.
  • Next check out the amount of time the job requires on a regular basis. It must leave you with more family or ‘me’ time.
  • Confirm the mode of payment. Will the payment be made by direct deposit or cheque.
  • Be sure about the duration of the contract.
  • Some contract jobs even have the possibility of extension or conversion into a permanent job at the end of the contract. Check the same with the employer as your contract job can turn into a wonderful prospect for you in future.

Like permanent jobs, contract jobs are also subject to taxation. Take the required details on your tax reporting responsibilities and check the tax laws that pertain to the contract jobs.

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