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Top 31 Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers

If you are dreaming of getting your dream job in computer science, it can be challenging. The initial steps include applying for the job and getting your resume selected for the technical interview. After the selection, you can prepare yourself for the technical questions – answers for your technical interview. The difficulty level of technical interview questions – computer science can range from basic to technical.

We are going to help you by providing you with the most common computer science questions and computer science answers below. If you know the technical questions – answers, you are going to have an edge over the other candidates. You can also prepare and practice these questions while preparing for your technical interview.

When you apply for a job, the recruiter first reads your resume and shortlists you based on your experience and qualification. The next step usually is an interview.

You can have multiple rounds of the interview during the selection process. But the most common rounds of the interview include:

  • HR/Non-technical Interview
  • Technical Interview

There can also be multiple rounds of technical interviews in different organizations.

31 Essential Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is a Technical Interview?

In a technical interview, you are assessed based on the following:

  • Your technical expertise about the subject 
  • Your analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Your keenness to learn and grow 
  • Your stress and pressure management
  • Your confidence 

In a technical interview, you are not only asked questions related to your subject but you are also given practical examples to test your experience and problem-solving skills. The recruiter also assesses your soft skills like communication, reasoning, understanding, confidence, etc. along with your technical knowledge. Your textbook knowledge is not enough to get you through your technical interview. You need to have a complete understanding of your subject, analytical skills, and practical experience.

Now let’s see the most commonly asked technical questions-answers for computer science.

You can prepare for your technical interview with the help of the following technical interview questions-computer science. We have tried to cover questions for both freshers and experienced professionals. 

The interviewer can start your interview by asking basic computer science questions. You must revise your basics before your technical interview even if you are an experienced professional.   

2. What do you understand about ‘Computer Systems’?

A computer system consists of the computer along with its hardware and software devices. It includes the Central Processing Unit (CPU), operating system, memory devices, storage devices, and input/output devices. Each component of the computer system has a specific purpose. However, the computer system works with all these devices together to give the desired results. A computer system can be your desktop, mobile phone, or a high-end server in an organization. 

3. What is an Operating System?

An operating system is an interface between the computer system and you. It is a software program that is required to run your computer system. Windows and Android are some of the popular examples that you use as an operating system.

4. Define File.

A file is a storage location on your computer where it stores information and data. It stores the information permanently until you delete it from the system. It has a primary and secondary name separated by a dot. For example: ‘xyz.xls’. 

5. Explain Microprocessor.

A microprocessor is important to the functioning of the computer system. It is a chip in your computer system that takes your instructions in machine language, performs arithmetic, and logical operations, and then provides you with the required results. 

6. Give examples of microprocessors.

Some of the popular microprocessors that you use in your computer system are Intel and AMD Ryzen. They keep launching new and better versions of the microprocessor from time to time. For example, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, AMD Ryzen 5, and AMD Ryzen 7 are commonly used processors.

The above Technical Interview Questions-Computer Science are the basic questions that the interviewer can ask you. If you are a fresher, you must prepare these questions well. Further now, we are going to discuss more technical computer science questions.

7. What is a class?

A class is a blueprint that creates objects with the help of methods and variables of a class instance. It defines how the object is going to respond to a message.

8. What is a Superclass?

A superclass is the base class that is referred to when responding to a message.

9. What do you know about the interface?

The interface is similar to a class but is used in Java. It also includes abstract methods. A class can have multiple interfaces. 

10. Explain constructor.

A constructor is a method that can be used to create an object of the class. There are two types of constructors: Default constructor and parameterized constructor.

11. Explain Inheritance.

Inheritance is a programming concept in which the properties of a class are passed on to the other classes. You can use it in passing the properties of the superclass to the subclasses.

12. What does a chipset do?

A chipset is crucial for your computer system. It helps in controlling the communication between various components of your computer system. It can determine the functionality of your computer system. It monitors the peripheral components like keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.

13. What do you understand about programming languages?

A programming language is a computer language that can help you generate outputs in the computer system. It consists of instructions that can execute algorithms to produce the required results. Python, Java, C+ are some examples of programming languages.

14. What is an algorithm?

An algorithm is a process or set of instructions that your computer system follows to solve a problem.

15. What do you mean by Framework?

You can create a software application with the help of a framework. A framework can provide you a platform with predetermined functions where you can create your program. 

16. Explain primary memory.

Primary memory is the internal memory of your computer. It is directly accessed by the Central Processing Unit (CPU). It stores instructions and data for processing by the CPU. Random Access Memory (RAM) and Cache memory are examples of primary memory of a computer system.

17. Explain Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has become popular in recent years. It is a field of computer science wherein smart machines are created that can perform tasks more efficiently. Siri and Alexa are the most popular examples of Artificial Intelligence.

18. Explain Machine Learning.

Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. It enables computer systems to learn and improve themselves with experience. In this case, the computer system does not need to be programmed. 

19. What do you mean by Internet?

The internet is a global connection that can connect all your computer systems. It helps you in communicating and sharing information all over the world. 

20. What is WWW?

The World Wide Web is a database that can be accessed with the Internet. It stores all the web pages which can be accessed by your local server.

21. What do you mean by Cryptography?

Cryptography is a process of securing information and communication by converting it into codes that can be understood by the intended users only.  

22. What do you mean by the OSI model?

Open Systems Interconnection is the base model of the communications network for applications. It has seven layers:

  • Physical layer
  • Application layer
  • Presentation layer
  • Session layer
  • Transport layer
  • Network layer
  • Data Link layer

23. What is the TCP/IP model?

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) is a network model for internet architecture. It helps in maintaining communication over the network by setting protocols. It has four layers:

  • Network Access Layer
  • Internet Layer
  • Transport Layer
  • Application Layer

24. What is system software?

System software is software in the computer system that enables communication with the hardware system. 

25. What is SDLC?

Software Development Life Cycle is a process for creating software by keeping up the standards and maintaining the cost for creation. It includes several stages like planning, designing, constructing, testing, and deploying.

26. What is DBMS?

Database Management System helps in creating and managing data. It is a system that helps you in creating, retrieving, updating, and managing data in your computer system.

The above technical questions-answers are the common interview questions that your recruiter can ask you. However, you must brush up on your basic and advanced knowledge before appearing for your interview. You must possess in-depth knowledge of your subject. It can help you in answering any question that the interviewer can ask you. If you are a fresher, the interviewer is going to check your knowledge and willingness to learn. However, if you are an experienced professional, the interviewer can assess your understanding, experience, and skills. 

If you are an experienced professional, you can expect some more questions related to your experience in your interview. You can see below such questions for your reference. These questions are going to test your technical and soft skills.

27. What has been the most challenging project that you have worked on?

You can answer this question by explaining your best project so far. You can explain the project requirements, your problems during the project, your solutions to the problems, and the results of your project. You can also share your feedback or any reward you received for the project with the interviewer. You can make a good impression by showing off your skillset, knowledge, and experience while answering this question.

28. How do you handle a mistake made by your subordinate?

This is a critical question for you. When you answer this question, you have to demonstrate that you can ensure high-quality work and can mentor your team members at the same time. You have to tell the interviewer that you can recognize the errors, rectify them, and give constructive feedback to the responsible person.

29. Tell us about your technical skills.

It is a commonly asked question and you must prepare well for this question. You have to convince the interviewer that you keep yourself updated with the new technology. You can tell them about the applications, software, tools, and applications that you use in your work. You can explain that you keep learning new skills to improve your technical knowledge. 

30. Do you understand the responsibilities of this position?

Before appearing for your interview, you must read and understand the job description properly. You can go through the job responsibilities provided by the employer. While answering this question, you can quote the job responsibilities and give an example that you can fulfill them. For example, if one of the job responsibilities is to meet deadlines, you can quote an example from your previous job. You can talk about a project which had a strict deadline. And then you can tell how you met it while ensuring high quality of work.

31. Why should we hire you for this position?

You can answer this question by explaining your qualities, skills, and experience. You can also tell them that you want to have a challenging and growing career and you are keen to learn new things. It is the time when you have to sell your skills to the interviewer and get your dream job!

You need to understand that in a technical interview, the interviewer is assessing your personality and soft skills as well. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for questions such as the above along with the technical questions. 

Some of the common soft skills that you can demonstrate are:

  • Problem-solving skills: you can give an example wherein you solved a problem during a project and were appreciated for it.
  • Time Management skills: you can give an example of a strict deadline that you met for a project.
  • Attention to detail: you can give an example wherein you caught an error and solved it on time.
  • Mentoring skills: you can give an example of how you helped your team members by improving their skills and knowledge.
  • Communication skills: you can give an example of how you ensured a smooth flow of information during your project.

How to prepare for a Computer Science Interview Questions

  • If you want to crack your technical interview, you must prepare well for it. You must revise your subject matter thoroughly. Do not try to cram up answers but try to understand the concepts. In a technical interview, the interviewer does not want to hear a textbook answer, but he wants to know your understanding and practical application of the subject. For example, when he asks you about an operating system, he expects you to provide real-life examples of the operating system. When you define an operating system, you can talk about the operating system that you are using in everyday life. 
  • A technical interview is a chance for you to demonstrate your skills. The interviewer wants to learn about your experience with the help of these questions. You can do so by adding practical examples while answering the questions. Try to quote more practical examples from your experience instead of hypothetical or textbook examples. 
  • It is also important that you understand the job requirements and the environment of the organization before appearing for the interview. You can do so by visiting the company website and carefully reading the job description provided by the company. It can prepare you for the type of questions that the interviewer can ask you. Also, you can prepare your answers by taking reference points from the information provided by the company.
  • You also have to appear confident in your interview. If you get stuck with some question or forget the answer, do not panic. Take a deep breath, try to remember the answer, or try to talk about that subject. If you have no idea about the question asked, just apologize and request the interviewer to ask you another question. You must maintain your composure during the interview. It helps the interviewer in assessing whether you can work under pressure or not. 
  • It is important to maintain your tone and language while answering the questions. Your voice should neither be too loud nor too soft. You should be audible to the interviewer. Also, you should use formal language during your interview. Your facial expressions should be calm and serious. You need to show the interviewers that you are serious about getting this job. 
  • Do not hesitate while sharing your weaknesses. If the interviewer asks you about them, talk about it frankly. However, you must also explain the strategies that you are applying to improve yourself. For example, if your weakness is temper, you can tell them about the practices that you are following to reduce it. You must demonstrate that you want to keep growing and improving in your career.
  • If you make a mistake during your interview, you can explain it to the interviewer at the end of the interview. It can demonstrate that you can take responsibility for your actions. The interviewer is not looking for perfect answers, but he assesses your reactions and problem-solving skills. 

Key Points to Remember for Computer Science Interview Questions

  • Understand the job role and requirements.
  • Practice and revise your answers.
  • Do not get anxious or stressed out.
  • Dress up formally and be confident.
  • Carefully listen and understand the questions asked.
  • Be frank and truthful with your interviewers.
  • Do not panic about making mistakes.
  • Maintain your calm and composure during the interview.
  • Be clear and audible while answering the questions.

Conclusion on Computer Science Interview Questions

Preparation, practice, and presentation are the keys to be successful in an interview. You can do your research, prepare for the technical questions-answers, and identify the examples that you can use in the interview. Then you must practice how you are going to answer your questions. Lastly, make sure to be presentable in your answers as well as your outlook.

The computer science questions and the interview tips can surely help you in performing well in your interview. You must prepare well for behavioral questions as well. You can also prepare a few questions that you can ask your interviewer at the end. It can show your interest in the job and the organization. However, make sure that you ask important and relevant 

questions. Along with your skills and knowledge, your body language is also important during an interview. You can research and practice appropriate body language skills before your interview. Do not look uncomfortable, desperate, or anxious during your interview.

Remember, that you possess all the skills and knowledge that the job requires. You are capable of performing this job. A positive and clear mindset is essential to crack an interview. You must sleep well the night before the interview. Do not go empty stomach for the job interview. These little tricks are important to keep you focused and confident while answering the questions. 

You can follow the above tips and prepare well with the questions provided for your computer science interview. The list of technical interview questions – computer science is not exhaustive but covers the most commonly asked questions. If your knowledge is thorough, you can answer any technical question answers that the interviewer can ask.

Just remember, if you have prepared well for your interview, you can ace it and get your favorite job!

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