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8 Steps to finding a career that you are passionate about

If you enjoy your job, the chances are you will be great at it. Of course things can get tough once in while, but liking your job will make it easier for you to focus more on the fun than the challenges you face.

With this secret 8-step formula you can 1. Find out what you are good at

Every person has some talent or the other. Make a list of what you are good at – this will give you a list of your talents. This list is the starting point for choosing the right career.

2. Find out what you like doing

The twist is that the things you are good at may not be the thing you like doing. So also make a list of the things that you like doing. The items that appear in both List 1 and List 2 are possibly the things you should consider a career in.  Simple, eh!

3. Figure out your personality type

Knowing your personality type will give you a good idea about the professions that suit you best. Be sure of who you are, before you decide to take the plunge.

4. Choose a work environment that works for you

Your personality type will also help determine the work environment that is best for you. Are you an indoor hound or prefer to be outside? Know what works for you.

5. How posh do you want life to be?

It is very important to know your material and lifestyle aspirations. You may be suited to a job in the social sector, but will it pay you enough to sustain the lifestyle you want to lead? Know what is important for you.

6. Research. Research. Research.

Based on answers to the above questions, make a list of careers that are most suitable for you. Then research the industries and companies that offer such careers. Read up about the history of the industries, their trends and opportunities.

7. Find someone already working in a similar job. Speak to them.

Tap into your social network and ask your friends to put you in touch with people that have similar jobs. Let them tell you how it works and decide whether it would work for you.

8. Get cracking on your job search.

You are now ready to look for a job. Check out job search sites and company websites for relevant vacancies. There are many jobs out there that are not advertised but filled up through referrals so spread the word with friends. C’mon, get going!

Any job can be yours as long as you love what you do!

Find your way to the profession you love #MonsterMyJob. Millions of jobs. Find yours.

Check out job search sites and company websites for relevant job vacancies.

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