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8 careers for people who love children

Children, they say, are one-third of our population and all of our future. They bring along myriad emotions in their wake – joy, laughter, wonder, imagination, pain, anger and frustration – but they continue to inspire pure, unconditional love. 

The soul goes an old English proverb, is healed by being with children. If you feel the same way you would do well in a career working with children. The choices are many and the main requirements for jobs that involve working with children are oodles of patience, energy, sensitivity, and love. 

# 1 Teacher

A teacher’s job is the go-to option for people who love children. Teachers who love teaching, over time, teach children to love learning. Be it in kindergarten, junior school or high school, good teachers are always in demand.     

What you need: Depending on the level, a basic Diploma in Teacher’s Education (DTed), a Bachelor’s in Education (BEd) or a Master’s in Education (MEd).

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#2 Childcare

With a rising number of women joining the workforce, the need for good childcare continues to grow in urban centres. With the government finalising a National Programme for Creche and Day Care Facilities, the spotlight will stay on childcare facilities.

What you need: No specific qualification is necessary, but a diploma in early childhood care and education coupled with good communication and management skills can further your prospects.

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#3 Pediatrician

The 3 am call made from a child’s house is usually to the pediatrician. Be it an earache or upset stomach, only the doctor can comfort a worried parent. Be it in general pediatrics or as a pediatric specialist (pulmonologist, cardiologist, oncologist), the chance to improve – or save – a child’s life is priceless.

What you need: An MBBS degree from any recognised medical college must be followed up by an MD (Doctor of Medicine) in pediatrics. Sub-specialties need further study.

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#4 Librarian

Apart from being responsible for planning, organising, implementing and maintaining books and periodicals for children, a librarian also helps inculcate a love for words and books among children. Job descriptions may change based on the type of library they work in, such as school, public or rural.

What you need: A postgraduate degree in Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLISc) or Bachelor of Library Science (BLib) will further your cause. A diploma or certificate library science course is also available. Strong information, curation and research skills are essential.

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#5 Publishing

Children’s books have really taken off after multiple studies showed the important role reading plays for a child’s cognitive development, language skills, and academic success. Career options in this field include being an author (writes books for particular age groups), acquisitions editor (works for publishing houses and literary agencies) or literary agent (connects an author and

What you need: A love for reading is mandatory as is skill with words. Creativity is a must. Good communication and business skills help to get ahead. No special qualification is necessary – an engineer could write a book as could a high school graduate.

#6 Speech-language pathologist

Many children these days need to work with speech-language pathologists (sometimes called speech therapists) to ensure that their lisp or stutter is a thing of the past. Apart from this, these experts assess, diagnose, treat and help prevent communication and swallowing

What you need: The courses you can pursue include a master’s or bachelor’s degree in audiology and speech-language pathology; a diploma in hearing, language, and speech; or a post-graduate certificate course in auditory verbal

#7 Children’s apparel designer

In 2015, industry estimates pegged the retail value of the children’s apparel market in India at Rs 79,000 crore. By 2020, the market is expected to register a retail value compound annual growth rate of 15% to reach sales of Rs.1.6 trillion. High time you joined the fray, isn’t it? The choices include regular clothes, ethnic wear, party wear, shoes, and accessories.

What you need: A degree in fashion design from a renowned institute is a definite plus but is by no means absolutely essential. You need to be knowledgeable about textiles, fabrics, ornamentation, and fashion trends, and have attention to

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#8 Photographer

The most photographed generation in the word surprisingly sees very few photos printed out. That’s where a specialist photographer comes in. Be it on birthdays, special days or at family events, a child-centric photographer captures memories forever. Choose from baby, birthday, sport or school photography.

What you need: All you need is a keen visual eye and proficiency with camera equipment. The best child photographers use photography as a way to capture and tell a child’s story.

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If you, like many others, feel that children are “not a distraction from more important work” and that they “are the most important work”, one of these careers may be the perfect fit for you.

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