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8 Angular 2 Interview Questions for experienced professionals

Preparation is the key to ensure that you always put your best foot forward in an interview.

Here’s a set of eight Angular 2 interview questions and answers to help you succeed.

1. What is CLI?

CLI – short for Command Line Interface – is a text-based interface which can be used for creating the Angular JS application. CLI has simplified the process for quickly creating a unit and end-to-end tests for the Angular application.

2. Explain the usage of pipes in Angular 2.

In Angular 2, the purpose of pipes is to convert templates into a content which is not only user-friendly but also readable within the interpolation braces, i.e., {{release| date}}. In this example, the symbol “|” denotes the pipe.

3. Point out two security threats that one should be aware of in angular 2 applications.

Similar to any other client-side or web application, in order to mitigate any security risks, Angular 2 application follows some basic guidelines.
These are:

• Ensure that you avoid using or injecting dynamic HTML content to your component.
• If you happen to be using external HTML, which originates from the database or somewhere outside the application, do make sure that you sanitize it.

4. What are different kinds of directives supported in Angular 2?

There are three different types of directives:
• Structural
• Component
• Attribute

5. What is routing in Angular 2?

Routing is a technique which is used to separate the various parts of the app, in most cases by using the URL to denote the location.

6. What is component in Angular 2?

Component can be described as a special kind of directive which makes use of a simpler configuration and is ideal for a component-based application structure.

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7. What is @Outputs in angular?

By utilizing a combination of an @Output and an EventEmitter, components are used to push out events. What this does is that it allows a clean separation between reusable Components as well as application logic.

8. Can you explain Angular 2’s hidden property?

In Angular 2, the hidden property is a special case. This property is said to be very powerful and its purpose is to bind any property of the elements.
It is also regarded as the closest equivalent of the directives – ngshow and nghide.
It is subsequently used to set the display property – “display: none”.

Besides, the 8 popular Angular 2 interview questions for experienced professionals listed above, here’s a list of 10 important Angular 2 interview questions which might be asked during an interview.

1. Is it possible to automate porting Angular 1 code to Angular 2?
2. Would you describe Angular Modules and ES modules to be the same?
3. Describe the concept of ngOnChanges in Angular 2.
4. Can you explain why decorators are used in Angular 2?
5. Explain what a primeng is. How can it be used with Angular2?
6. When would ngOnDestroy event get called upon in an Angular 2 Application Lifecycle?
7. Explain the core differences between Observables and Promises.
8. Describe local reference variables, ViewChild, and ContentChild.
9. Can you explain your understanding of Metadata in the context of Angular 2 Application?
10. How would you create a two-way data binding in Angular 2.0?

Preparing for the above-mentioned Angular 2 interview questions is just half the battle won. If you’re an experienced professional going in for an Angular 2 interview – besides being proficient in JS based frameworks – you also need to exhibit enthusiasm as the first impression has the power to turn the tide in your favour. It is important to stay attentive and alert while maintaining healthy eye contact during the interview.

All the best!

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