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76% employees say they’ll work even if they don’t need to earn a living: Monster Poll

What would you do, if you didn’t have to work to earn a living? We’ve all day-dreamed about travelling the world, sleeping until noon, watching TV or simply lazing all day. But is that really how you would choose to spend your days, if it came down to it?

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Thankfully no. Productivity is a priority for Indian employees, according to a recent Monster Poll. The poll, ‘If you didn’t have to work for a living, would you still work?’ reveals an overwhelming majority (76%) says yes, they would. While 8% remain ambivalent, only 16% say they wouldn’t work if their livelihood wasn’t dependent on it.

The poll makes one thing clear. Work may be a means of earning a livelihood, but its role in our lives isn’t limited to just that. It is also about discovering new challenges, remaining engaged and finding meaning.

Work is more than a paycheque
Conventional wisdom has led us believe that people work for salaries. But an earlier Monster survey proves that isn’t necessarily the truth.

In another poll on ‘What benefit will retain you for long in an organization?’, only 11% voted salary as a motivator. A majority of respondents said they were driven by career advancement opportunities (37%) as well as learning and development (18%).

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Love what you do? You’ll never stop going to work
If paying bills is off the table, what inspires people to continue working? If your work is an extension of your passion, no amount of money will make you lose sight of your purpose. And that enthusiasm is probably the main reason why you won’t have to worry about money for much longer.

Research has shown that the more people love their jobs, the quicker they get rich. That’s because people who love what they do don’t mind putting in long hours and taking more professional risks to continue doing the work they are passionate about. Usually this kind of hard work results in handsome rewards.

So the next time you wonder why a person, whose livelihood doesn’t depend on a job, continues to work at it, know this. It’s not the money that fuels their passion but something that’s beyond money!

Can’t find a reason to go to work every day? May it’s time to Find Better!

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