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7 Tips To Help Recruiters Effectively Assess Candidates

One of the most important responsibilities in a recruiting job is to hire the best talent. All recruiters have their own distinct methods of assessing candidates and their fitness for the concerned role. Every recruiter might also go wrong once in a while, but it is important that every new hire improves the productivity and efficiency of the company.

Let us look at seven tips that will help recruiters in choosing the right candidate.

Design the recruitment process

The most important part of recruiter jobs is to create a formal selection process. Many recruiters try to introduce an element of informality into recruitment interviews or design a process as and when the interview date arrives. Creating the process on the spot will not enable you to optimise it to hire the best candidates.

It is essential that all members of the recruitment team sit together and design a process that is most likely to yield better candidates.

How your selection funnel looks like

It is essential for all recruiters to have a broad idea of how their selection funnel looks. They must be able to determine the parameters on the basis of which they will be selecting and eliminating candidates. They should set selection rounds in such a manner that only the deserving candidates go through, and each of their personal and professional qualities is tested.


All people engaged in recruiter jobs realize that the hiring process involves multiple moving parts. Each of these parts plays an integral role in the process, and this makes communication among all roles in the process extremely essential.

Even managers who are looking to hire for recruiter jobs consider the ability to communicate as most important, often more important than even the ability to design a recruitment process.

Use technology

While recruiter jobs lie firmly in the non-technical domain, it is essential for recruiters to know the tech options available to them to make the process more efficient. From the sourcing of candidate information to checking their background and onboarding them, technology is available for every step of hiring.

Technology can help you find better people much faster and cheaper. You can explore technical options for the recruitment process online or in conjunction with your software team to determine the best technology for your needs.

Use data

A test that measures soft skills such as an HR recruitment test might not seem the most conducive to assessment using data. However, data from previous assessments and other open-source research can be extremely useful in determining the right candidate for the job. Especially when assessing personality, data can be really useful shortlisting the candidates.

Gamified assessments

Recruitment assessments are not just really intense but can also be extremely formal and boring. Candidates can be put at ease by gamifying the assessment process. If the recruitment activity is interactive, it can often be easier to assess the true potential and capability of a candidate, since it is not possible to prepare for these.

Feedback is important

Regardless of whether you have selected a candidate through the recruitment process or not, make sure that you take candidate feedback. This helps you in improving the process and optimizing it further for both the company and the candidate.

In recruiter jobs, it is essential to have a foolproof process of hiring. The candidates that you choose are the future of your company and decide its path forward. Choosing the best from the market is your responsibility.

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