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6 Things To Do on Your First Day At Work

Returning to school after a vacation can be a bit tough, right? It’s time to shift from sleeping in to waking up early and get into the school mode. School is calling!

But don’t worry, going back to school doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, if you follow some tips, you can make your first day (and week) back at school a lot of fun. Here’s how you can make the switch from relaxing on vacation to sitting in classrooms a little easier.

6 Tips to prepare for Your First Day Back at Work

1. Show up on time

Being late on your first day back from a break is probably one of the worst things you can do, so sort it out! Plan ahead for any traffic jams to ensure you don’t get caught, and be on time. Nothing shows disrespect or a lack of dedication to your job than failing to turn up on time. 

2. Get cracking on those emails and calls!

The worst part about taking a holiday is coming back to an enormous inbox that has to be cleared. First, don’t panic. Second, prioritise responding to the most recent emails – i.e. the ones that have been sent to you in the last 2-3 days. Put all the others in a separate folder to respond to later, and make sure you allocate at least one hour per day to emails.

The theory here is that anyone who has emailed you two weeks ago can probably wait – and if they can’t, chances are they have emailed you again in the last 48 hours. 

3. Determine your priorities

What is your most important task? You might have a truckload of work to catch up on after the holidays, but don’t let it overwhelm you.

There’s simply no way you can get it all done on your first day back. Take a moment, prioritise, and go to work on the most pressing tasks first after discussing them with your manager. 

4. Talk to your colleagues

Yes, we know you’re busy and need to get back to work, but take a few moments on your first day to catch up with your coworkers. Ask them how their break was, share stories from your own holiday, and re-establish a connection.  

5. Plan your first week back

Just because you’re back at work doesn’t mean it needs to feel like a grind. After prioritising your workload, prioritise your social calendar! Set up a few lunch dates – with colleagues or clients – and a couple of other catch-ups with friends.

A good balance is key, and if it’s all work, work, work, you’re probably going to feel like you need another holiday. 

6. Go home at a reasonable time

Don’t get sucked into the pressures of presenteeism. Staying until 10pm on your first day back isn’t going to help anyone – you won’t be productive, and you’ll just be tired for the next day. Instead, plan your day well, work smart, and finish on time.

Head home to relax, make a to-do list for the following day, and hit the hay! The idea is to stay healthy at work.  

It might sound like a lot to do on your first day back in the office, but it’s better to have a bit of a plan than run around like a headless chicken.

FAQ on Things you should do on Your First Day of Work

Q1. What are the key things I should focus on during my first day at a new job?

On your first day at work, prioritize tasks like meeting your colleagues, familiarizing yourself with your workspace, understanding company policies, setting up your workspace, and getting a feel for your role’s expectations.

Q2. Is it important to establish a good rapport with my new colleagues on the first day?

Yes, building positive relationships with your coworkers from day one is essential. It helps create a welcoming environment, fosters teamwork, and can lead to valuable support and mentorship.

Q3. How can I make a memorable and positive impression on my first day at work?

To leave a lasting positive impression, arrive on time, dress appropriately, be attentive during orientations, ask questions, show enthusiasm, and express gratitude for the opportunity.

Q4. Should I bring anything specific on my first day at work?

It’s a good idea to bring essentials such as identification, a notepad and pen, necessary documents (if requested), and an open mindset ready to learn and adapt.

Q5. What should I do if I feel overwhelmed or anxious on my first day at a new job?

Feeling nervous is normal. To cope, take deep breaths, remind yourself of your qualifications, and focus on one task at a time. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from colleagues or your supervisor if needed; they are there to help you succeed.

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