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5 Reasons why employees who love what they do are the happiest

Remember that one person in the office who brightly wishes you “Good Morning!” on a Monday and actually means it? We are about to give away their greatest secret!

1. Their job is the same as their passion

People who change their passion into a job experience happiness and contentment irrespective of the challenges they face. You’ll never see them post a status with #MondayBlues.

2. They combine the very best of childhood and adulthood

Ever met people wishing they could have their ‘childhood’ back? The remarkable ability to combine the endless flow of creative energy and never-ending curiosity of ones’ childhood with the clarity and level-headedness of adulthood; comes naturally to people who love what they do.

3. They deal with challenges, not difficulties

People who truly love their job seldom have a day when they are dreading about how to ‘deal with’ a difficult task. On the contrary, they see every ‘roadblock’ in their way as a tool to sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge.

4. They know when to stay and when to quit

People who love what they do never lose sight of their objectives. If an organization is unable to provide them with the right opportunities and challenges for their growth and expansion; they will gladly move on and find better elsewhere. 

5. They are perpetual success magnets

Ever heard of the phrase, “passion sells?” The phrase exists for a reason. Everyone loves a person driven by passion. Their ideas require no convincing. Their dreams are born of conviction – and more often than not become realities.

The thing about loving what you do is that it will always keep you happy. And once you’ve tasted true happiness, you’ll continue to want more and more of it.

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