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5 little-known interview tips to bag your dream job

Dress well, research the organization, be enthusiastic and the like are just some interview tips that have been set in stone over the years. While many have admitted that sticking to the rules have got them the job, there are some pointers you may never have heard before which are sure to change the outcome of your efforts in a positive way.

Make an entrance

Know exactly how long it will take you to arrive at the location of your interview so that you reach no more than 15 minutes early. If you aren’t sure where it is, make sure you find out a couple of days earlier. Be polite to everyone you encounter, especially the person at the front desk and the elevator aide. Also, keep your phone in its silent mode and don’t take any calls if you have time to kill, though you may use your phone. As a newcomer, people are watching and will notice such small intricacies, particularly how you treat people.

Cut out the fillers

Body language speaks volumes, and so do the words that come out of your mouth. Watch out for these three notorious fillers that most of us are guilty of using every 10 seconds, “um”, “you know” and “like”. Ask a trusted friend if you tend to overuse these in conversations and find a way to talk with them.

Record yourself

Why? You’ll know exactly how you come across to the interviewer. Many times what we feel inside is completely opposite to what is translated to the other person. While you may be enthusiastic, it might not come across that way. On the other hand, nervous energy like fidgeting and swallowing may give away one’s nervousness all too easily. Also, you can check for voice modulation and facial expressions which play a huge role. Therefore, recording yourself on video will reveal what you really are.

Tell a story

Have a personal but not too personal story to share that connects to your work and why you are perfect for the job. Prepare in advance so you know what you are going to say without stopping to think or to hesitate. It is something different and will definitely impress the interviewer when he or she asks that questions, “Tell me something about yourself.”

Ask about the next step

Are you coming to the end of the interview? It is important to know how the interviewer will go about hiring you. Most companies have a short waiting period until they finish interviewing other candidates, therefore it is vital that you know how long the process will take; many have waited for more than a month because they just didn’t ask. It will also give the impression that you are really interested in joining as soon as possible.

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