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Top 8 OOPS Interview Questions and answers

An OOPS interview can be a tough nut to crack for even the most seasoned IT professionals, especially if you are not well prepared. To help you in your quest to score that coveted job.

Here’s a list of the best OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) Interview questions along with their answers.

1. Can you explain the different types of Inheritance?

There are four main types of Inheritance in OOPS as listed below:

• Single Inheritance: This includes one base class along with one derived class.
• Hierarchical Inheritance: This inheritance class includes one base class as well as multiple derived classes of the same base class.
• Multilevel Inheritance: This includes a class derived from a derived class.
• Multiple Inheritance: This class includes several base classes as well as a derived class.

2. Explain the concept of a hashtable.

Hashtable is used to store multiple items. Each of these items is linked with their own unique string key and can be accessed using the key associated with it.

3. What is Association?

Association can be described as a relationship that exists between two objects with multiplicity.

4. Can you touch upon the core concepts of OOPS?

The core concepts of OOPS are as below:
• Encapsulation
• Polymorphism
• Inheritance
• Abstraction
• Composition
• Association
• Aggregation

5. Can you list out some examples of tokens?

Here are some common examples of tokens:
• Keywords
• Commas
• Constants
• Identifiers
• Brackets
• Operators

6. Can you describe Polymorphism and list out the different types of Polymorphism?

Polymorphism can be termed as the ability to take on more than one form. In OOPS, Polymorphism means a single interface with multiple implementations for a certain class of action.

Polymorphism can further be classified into two distinct types:
• Static
• Dynamic

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7. Can you explain what Access Modifiers are?

Access modifiers are used to figure out the scope of the method or variables accessible from other various objects or classes.

Access modifiers can be of five types:
• Private
• Public
• Protected
• Friend
• Protected Friend

8. Can you list out the different types of constructors?

Constructors are of three types as listed below:
• Default Constructor: Contains no parameters.
• Parametric Constructor: Contains parameters. This parameter is used to create a new class instance and for simultaneously passing arguments.
• Copy Constructor: This is used to create a new object as a copy of an existing object.

In addition to the above-mentioned questions, here’s an additional list of 8 frequently asked OOPS Interview questions that will surely assist you in your bid to crack your all-important OOPS interview.

a. Can you explain what a multicast Delegate is?
b. Please describe the friend function.
c. Explain the what Information Hiding is in OOPS.
d. Explain the concepts of Overloading and Overriding Polymorphism.
e. Describe the concept of Enum?
f. Explain multiple inheritance.
g. Can you point out the differences between Shadowing and Overriding?
h. Touch upon the differences between Static and Dynamic polymorphism.

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