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10 Tips to be in your boss’ good books

Good boss, bad boss. Whichever kind you have, being in his or her good books is sure to work in your favour.

Being liked by the boss makes life easier at the workplace. You get recognition and praise for a job well done, are in line for perks and promotions, and seem set on the fast track to progress.

On the other hand, not getting along with your boss doesn’t bode well. It creates unnecessary anxiety, ill will and takes a massive toll on your work performance.

But it’s one thing to be liked by the boss; another to be seen as an apple-polisher. So how do you get into the boss’ good books without appearing to be obsequious? The trick lies in striking a balance between making a good impression on your boss, being popular with colleagues, and doing your job well. We tell you more:

Positive body language

Be conscious of your body language. Appear enthusiastic and eager to take on new responsibilities. Smile at all times – never inappropriately – to send out the message that you enjoy work challenges. Positive body language can go a long way in making a good impression on your boss.

Be good at your job

The surest way of ensuring that your boss likes you is to exceed expectations at work. Distinguish yourself at the workplace; the boss will automatically take a shine to you.

Always be on time

The value of punctuality is often underestimated, especially in India. Reaching office on time and being punctual for meetings and appointments is one of the basic traits of an efficient worker. It reveals that you are professional and well organized.

Be proactive

Being the first one to volunteer for tasks is a sure-shot way of getting noticed. Take the initiative but ensure that you do a good job of whatever you take on. Never take on more than you can handle simply to make an impression.

Be flexible

Your boss is the leader of your team and is responsible for delivering results. Consequently, s/he has a better sense of the company’s priorities than you do. Be flexible and willing to switch your own priorities if need be. This brands you as a team player, one who puts the organization’s well being above personal interest.

Be a problem solver

The boss already has enough on his or her plate; your problems may seem like additional setbacks. If you need to go to the boss with an issue, try to take along a solution. Bosses like employees who are resourceful and save precious time and effort.

Learn new skills

Acquiring new skills related to your job will get you noticed by your superior and also make you popular with colleagues. People begin seeing you as a team player, one good at his or her own work but also always ready to help others.

Know your boss

Every person has his or her own idiosyncrasies. Once you know the boss’ likes and dislikes, you understand what to do and what to avoid. Learn about your boss’ interests outside of work so that you can bond on things apart from work.

Avoid loose talk

Don’t talk ill about others — even somebody your boss does not like — in front of your boss. And never badmouth your boss in front of other colleagues. Old-fashioned loyalty is a virtue that will stand you in good stead at the workplace.

Be civil

It does not hurt to carry a coffee for your boss when you are getting one yourself. Small gestures such as these will endear you to your boss while marking you out as courteous.

Knowing the art of boss management and winning him or her over is critical at the workplace. After all, your boss’ perception of you affects your salary increases and bonuses, opportunities for visibility and advancement prospects. However, no one likes the proverbial “teacher’s pet” so ensure that you steer clear of sycophancy. The best way to get into the boss’ good books – and stay there – is to do good work, efficiently and consistently.

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