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10 reasons why it’s hard to be the boss

Whether loved, feared or despised, there’s no denying that it’s always hard to be the boss. All that responsibility, all those complaints; plus there’s getting into trouble for other people’s mistakes.

Unfortunately, some of us employed down the ranks don’t see it that way. We spend hours gossiping about how much our seniors are paid when you could easily do what they do. And everyone always thinks that some people in office are the boss’s pets while others, they aren’t so fond of.

Sure, some bosses may be a hard to handle. But those of us, who have never managed a team, rarely stop to consider how hard the role actually is.

Here are 10 of the toughest parts about being in charge:

1. Every decision a boss makes — whether it’s regarding an employee, a budget or pitch –can be high stakes for the company.

Boss's day

2. Handling mistakes is the first skill they have to master on reaching the top.

Handling Mistakes

3. To set boundaries with teammates they may have to distance themselves from workplace friendships.

set boundaries

4. From downsizing the team to calling people in to work over the weekend, those in-charge often have to make decisions others won’t like.

hard decisions

5. They have to tell people — many of whom they like and know are genuinely trying hard — that they’re not doing a good job.


6. Calmly laying out expectations can only take you so far, and bosses often struggle to get things done.

meet expectations

7. Bosses have to enforce rules they might not always agree with.

Enforce rules

8. They’re forced to deal with complaints that can border on ridiculous.

Dealing with complaints

9. They may accept praise for work done by the team, but they also shoulder the blame.

Accept responsibility

10. Everything they say or do is watched and dissected.

Boss's day

So the next time you feel like dissing the boss, try putting yourself in their shoes first. You may realise that life can be both challenging– and often lonely – at the top.

Want to know how to get things done like a boss? We show you how it’s done here.

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