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10 most commonly asked PHP Interview Questions

Tech interviews can be quite tricky at times. Often, interviewers are on constant lookout to hire those who have a knack for learning and can easily find their way through a complicated situation at work.

Here, we bring ten most commonly asked questions about PHP that can assist you in preparing for your interview.

Question 1: Tell us something about PHP.

PHP is a server-side language for scripting and has been exclusively designed for web development. Apart from that, it can also be used as a programming language for general purposes.

Question 2: Can you tell us about some major errors in PHP?

While working on the language previously, I came to find out that there exist three significant kinds of errors in PHP. They are as follows:

Notices- they are simple kinds of errors that usually take place during the execution of the script.
Fatal- such a type of error is quite dominant and can stop the execution of the script as and when it occurs.
Warnings- these errors are major but do not cause the termination of the script, thus continuing its execution.

Question 3: Why is enabling error reporting an essential aspect of PHP?

Essentially, enabling the error messages is quite imperative since it lets you know the precise line that is causing the error while debugging apart from letting you know if the script is working correctly or not in a general level.

Question 4: What do you know about Traits?

From my previous experience, I understand that where multiple inheritances cannot be performed in programming languages like PHP, this mechanism helps you generate reusable code in such languages.
Traits are one of the most powerful features of PHP.

Question 5: Tell us how do you get the number of elements in an array?

To get the number of elements in an array, you have to apply the count() function. Knowing to use such a function can be quite advantageous for any PHP user.

Question 6: Please cite the key difference between the two scripting languages- PHP 4 and PHP 5.

Well, the key difference between the two languages is that while PHP 5 contains several added Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) features, PHP 4 does not.

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Question 7: Expand PEAR for us and tell us its usage.

PEAR stands for PHP Extension and Application Repository. From previous work encounters, I can tell you that PEAR helps extend PHP in addition to providing a superior stage of programming for developers.

Question 8: How can you use the image function?

To use the image function, you will require a GD library without which such function is not possible.

Question 9: Is it possible to check whether a given variable is a number or not?

It sure is. You can use the function is_numeric() to know whether a given variable is a number or not.

Question 10: Please tell us what is a session?

Simply speaking, a session is an object that enables you to save temporary data, that too, across several PHP pages.
PHP interview questions can be quite dicey in the sense that the interviewer, in order to check your knowledge might also ask you intricate questions with regard the programming language.

In order to the fully prepared, you can also take a look at these additional questions that might help you get thorough your PHP interview.

1. Can you let us know how to initiate a session in PHP?
2. Tell us what a Persistent Cookie Means.
3. Can PHP and JavaScript interact? If yes, how?
4. Explain the key difference between __wakeup and __sleep.
5. Explain $GLOBALS.
6. Explain the two major string operators in PHP.
7. Give the uses of a goto statement in PHP.
8. In a query string, how can you protect special characters?
9. How do you destroy a cookie in PHP?
10. Explain the procedure to update Memcached while making alterations to PHP.

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