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10 Best Online Jobs from Home

Has Coronavirus pandemic forced you to think of online jobs that you can work from home?

You are not alone.

Millions of people around the world are looking for online jobs to make money from home.

We have curated a list of popular online jobs that you can explore to build a career while working from home.

Here’s the list of 10 online jobs that you can work from home:  

  1. Online Ad. Posting Jobs: Online ad. posting has gained popularity in the last few years. There are various companies that hire potential candidates to post classified ads. Depending on the job, the candidates may take online training and thereafter they can start working.
  2. Affiliate Marketing Jobs: Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online jobs. This is a commission- based online job that helps various brands to promote their products through influencers. If you have a good number of followers and you can attract the target market for certain products or service then this is the right online job profile for you.
  3. YouTube Online Jobs: There are various companies, that have their own YouTube channels and are on a constant lookout to hire candidates with creative and fresh ideas. To start with, you may put a few creative videos on YouTube and increase your chances of getting contacted. These jobs are also available for online video editors, content curators, academic tutors, fashion stylists, makeup artists, etc. as they may create relevant content under a channel name and help the brand to grow.
  4. Online Content Writer Jobs: If you know how to write well and can create unique content then this could be the right online job opportunity for you. There are various websites that offer freelance content writing jobs. Such online jobs allow individuals to work on different projects. Besides, there are various companies that hire online content curators to develop collaterals and website content. So, if you are looking for online content writing jobs, you may start by exploring freelance websites.  
  5. Online Survey Jobs: Various companies require online surveys for day to day research. They hire various potential candidates who may take-up survey filling jobs and help these businesses in attaining their targets.
  6. Data Entry Jobs: This is one of the most popular online jobs. Many companies outsource data entry and segregation jobs. The major advantage of taking up the data entry online job is that it does not require any specific education or skill.
  7. Digital Marketing Jobs: Digital marketing is one of the most popular online marketing jobs. Digital marketing specialists take care of planning and managing marketing campaigns for a company or client to promote their brand, services, and products. Their responsibilities include planning campaigns, identifying trends, and measure the effectiveness of the campaign.
  8. Online Tutoring Jobs: Job opportunities for online tutors have increased many folds since the last couple of years. Online tutors are now being hired by a lot of EdTech companies to teach students online. So, if you have the required skills and passion for teaching, this could be your calling.
  9. Online Stock Trading Jobs: Online stock trading can be a great job opportunity if you are interested in the share market. This requires you to have a good understanding of stock markets. Various online stock trading companies hire candidates who have superior knowledge of stock trading and can work on online stock and bond trading platforms.
  10. Online Transcription Jobs: Transcription job is a service, which is given to convert speech into a written or electronic text document. Online transcription jobs may allow you to earn money without any rigorous or specialized training or work experience.

The world of online work from home jobs is not limited to the above online jobs only. There are various other online jobs as well that you can explore.

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