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Sales Job Vacancies

Looking for potential sales jobs around you? A career in sales can be exciting and one that offers many possibilities for growth and flexibility.

As an aspirant of sales jobs, you would be continually in steady demand, making a sales career path a solid prospect for job seekers like you. Especially those looking to make full use of their interpersonal and communications skills.

Which are the best industries for sales jobs?

Since sales jobs are found across industries, it is easy to switch industries when considering your next job. As your skills are transferable, you can make the switch to an industry that is more popular or doing better than your current or previous one.

Some of the most popular industries for sales jobs are listed below.

Which are the top cities for sales jobs in India?

Sales jobs can cater to clients within or outside the country, depending on your product or service. A job seeker can find sales job in Kolkata, Chandigarh and Chennai among other cities in the country. However, the cities which offer the most opportunities for aspirants in this field are:

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Gurgaon
  • Noida
  • Bangalore
  • Pune
  • Hyderabad

What is the educational qualification required for a sales job?

When it comes to the educational requirements in sales jobs, many employers would ask for a basic college degree as long as you have relevant experience and skills. However, having a college degree in sales, marketing, business administration, or a related field can better your chances, putting you ahead of the competition.

What are various skills required for a sales job?

As for the skills required, professionals in sales jobs need to have excellent people skills. Some of the key attributes of successful sales professionals include:

  • Top-notch interpersonal skills
  • An upbeat attitude
  • The ability to handle setbacks and rejection with grace
  • Being adept at time management
  • Having a competitive drive
  • A healthy dose of self-confidence

Apart from these primary skills, sales jobs require you to have an in-depth understanding of the product or service that you sell.

What are some of the top roles in sales jobs that you can explore?

Since sales jobs are prevalent across so many industries, there are many different roles such as sales executive jobs, business development jobs and sales manager jobs that you can find in this field. A basic differentiator in sales jobs is inside sales jobs and outside sales jobs. As the names suggest, outside sales involves travelling to sites and interacting with clients face to face. This involves heavy travel. Whereas, inside sales jobs are more remote, and even offer work-from-home options today, if you meet your targets.

Having an understanding of these jobs and the roles that come with them before you start applying to sales jobs is a good way of knowing which area of work your interest lies in.

Below are some of the titles found in sales jobs:

  • Account Executive
  • Bid Analyst
  • Business Development Executive
  • Channel Territory Manager
  • Digital Sales Account Executive
  • Director of Sales
  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Investment Sales Associate
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Retail Sales Execution Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sales Chat Representative
  • Sales Specialist
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Financial Services Sales Agent
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Insurance Sales Agent
  • Medical Sales Representative
  • Software Sales Representative
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

How to search for a sales job?

Just like for any other field, searching for sales jobs can be a long process, due to the tough competition in the job market today. However, with a few simple techniques in your approach to searching jobs you can easily turn your luck around.

Do some background research: Before you even start applying for jobs, what you should do is go through whatever information is available about your desired companies online. These could be things like employee benefits, company culture and other such things related to your overall working environment there. This helps you decide which companies you should or should not invest your efforts in.

Get connected: Get yourself out there to widen your network – whether it is by connecting with professionals or recruiters on professional networking sites or by reaching out to your friends and acquaintances. The more people you know the better your chances of finding potential opportunities, and quicker. And of course, register yourself with job portals for the latest jobs that match your profile and other requirements.

Customise your resume for each application: It is important to have a well-written resume for your chances of getting a call. While you would have one common resume uploaded on different job portals, you can customise your resume for individual applications that you send out to company websites. This adds a personal touch to your application.

Work on your interview skills: Once you reach the interview round, it is important to be prepared in advance so as to make the experience smooth and hassle-free. Make sure you read about potential questions related to the job role as well as common interview questions. Also take note to be dressed and groomed as per a formal code. And lastly, leave early for the interview if you have to because a late entry would make for a very bad first impression.

The above points could help you improve your search for sales jobs significantly. All you need to do is put in the required attention and time, along with keeping a little patience. All the best!