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Quality Control Opening And Vacancy

A Quality Control Job is like an audit function in manufacturing and packaging companies. It is a very important responsibility that ensures the highest possible standards for delivering the best quality product. From start to finish, a Quality Control candidate has to do a number of inspections, check and review the product before it is passed by him/her and offered for sale to the end consumer. The candidate must approve or suggest changes in procedures, specifications and methods towards the manufacturing of the product. A Quality Control executive must approve all raw materials, review production records for accuracy, check packaging materials and approve the final labeling to ensure that a top quality and finished product is sent out for an approved distribution process. To achieve this, they must evaluate new vendors, materials and approve procedures and formulas or suggest revisions, if any. Safeguarding quality, Quality Control personnel also must keep an eye on the process by conducting internal audits to verify compliance and ensure that there are no gaps in the latest process being followed. For this they must continuously perform all the required tests to ensure identity, purity, potency and composition of the product is of the best quality and they are not contaminated or adulterated in the process. Quality Control staff are also responsible for consumer complaints regarding the various products.