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Product Manager Opening And Vacancy

A Product Manager Job entails development of various products after the candidate has identified potential products. Not just that, the candidate applying for a product manager's job will need to not just conduct market research but at the same time also generate product requirements. S/he as the product manager will also be called upon to define specifications along with production timetables. Pricing and time-related plans required to introduce other products are also the KRA of a product manager. Coming up with original ideas and developing marketing strategies also forms the KPIs of the candidate aspiring to take on the role of a product manager. The aspirant will also be responsible for spearheading the success of a product and motivating the other team members especially cross-functional teams that are accountable for enhancing it. A product manager not just sets the strategy but also defines the roadmap along with the feature definition for a product or the whole product line. This role may also involve marketing, forecasting, and profit and loss (P&L) duties. The candidate aspiring to become a product manager will have to offer an in-depth product expertise which is inherently required to take the organization ahead and make strategic product decisions. The applicant will also have to deliver unique value which is entirely based on the customer's demands.