Marketing Job Vacancies in Bangalore

Want to explore Marketing Jobs in Bangalore? Here is a brief insight about the various job roles and responsibilities that are associated with this industry. With the onset of the digital era, marketing has expanded itself across multiple digital platforms. For any business to enlarge its market presence, marketing plays a crucial role. Today, brands are taking the help of marketing specialists to build their customer relationships across not only television and physical spaces but online as well. Almost every company has a dedicated team for marketing which handles their social media promotion, advertising and events. This calls for a high demand for marketing professionals. The various job roles in this field are marketing manager, brand manager, market research analyst, sales manager, product manager, corporate sales manager and digital marketing manager, among others. While the specific requirements for these roles might differ, the overall responsibilities involve networking, communication, understanding customer behavior, interacting with clients, research, sales, promotion, and staying updated about the latest developments in market trends. An MBA degree with a specialization in your choice of area is the ideal requirement for these roles. Internships help you get a good perspective of the area you might be interested to take up eventually. If you are looking for Marketing Jobs in Bangalore, upload your updated resume on Monster. Sign up on, and never miss a great opportunity for Marketing Jobs in Bangalore by creating a job alert for the same.