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Java Developer Job Vacancies

Finding suitable code for major problems most companies have understood the value of Java as a programming language. With the astonishing software developments and new app creation, Java has proved its value to the world and is constantly in high demand in Indian Job market.

Becoming a Java developer can be a best job option one may avail. Although, due to its popularity this language has quite a few developers but if you want to fit in the league of Java developers, you soon have to find a suitable spot for yourself. So, to begin with, read through this guide and understand what exactly you need to do to become a skilled Java developer.

Who is a Java Developer?

Java Developers have to work on the business angle and develop tech solutions through web applications and variety of other platforms. Java as a programming language sets faster processing for game utilities for internet, software applications and computer and mobile devices. These developers usually work alone but may have to associate and contribute in teams depending upon the business requirement of the organization.

Why Java is a popular career choice?

Programming language Java is usually used for the major level developments by top developers of the company. In present business scenario Java code has better performance and greater capability than other programing languages. This language works effectively because this is first compiled into bytecodes and then compiled by Java compiler. In addition, another level that the code in this language surpasses is Java virtual machine the code is fed in that and checked. Further, it shows great results when it comes to multithreading ability which helps in making highly responsive and interactive apps with large number of threads of activities. Java as a programming language is popular, with google as well. Therefore, all this shows that Java is a popular choice of many employers in India.

What is the educational qualification required to become a Java Developer?

  • Graduation: B.Tech., B.E., B.Sc.
  • Post-Graduation: MTech., M.Sc.
  • Diploma: Java Development

What are the various courses that one can pursue to build a career in Java development?

  • Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer – OCAJP
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer – OCPJP
  • Spring Professional Certification
  • Oracle Certified Expert - Web Component Developer – OCEWCD
  • Apache Spark Developer Certification – HDPCD
  • Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification 
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 
  • Oracle Certified Master Java Enterprise Architect – OCMJEA
  • Professional Scrum Master Certification - PSM I
  • Project Management Professional Certification – PMP


What is the job role of a Java Developer?

The programming language Java is used broadly used on e-commerce websites for the collection of data and to validate information of users.

It is the duty of Java developers to use this language for scripting, to alter the functionality, and to design a company’s websites as per requirement. Java developers create coded programs or brush-up the existing application codes.

They also figure out work platforms where they may get opportunities to fine-tune and enhance applications of java-oriented projects. These developers will frequently test lists of programs to authenticate that they work appropriately. This accountability includes undertaking checks on technical problems through research, debugging and investigation. These specialists also often mentor and offer technical supervision and training to lower level IT staff, assisting with precise problems demanding a broad knowledge of subject matter experts.

Skill and expertise in the IT world are continually changing so knowledge becomes outdated and obsolete in a few years. Therefore, skill of learning is vital for Java developers. Good examining skills are also imperative because there will constantly be new technologies to learn about. Java developers typically work with teams, so it is important to be a team player. In addition, good communication skills are also crucial to have because Java developers must be able to communicate clearly with their team and with clients.

What skills are needed to become a Java Developer?

  • Programming Languages — The candidate should know the programming languages to Write codes for computer applications for various purposes.
  • Systems Analysis — Determine how system needs to be handled and how changes in program, operations and the work environment will disturb outcomes.
  • Systems Assessment: Identifying measures of system presentation and the actions needed to advance or rectify performance, which is relative to the goals of the system.
  • Decision Making and Judgment— Understanding the comparative costs and profits of potential actions and to choose the most suitable one.
  • Compound Problem Solving: Recognising compound problems and reviewing linked information to develop and assess options and device solutions.

How much does a Java Developer can earn?

  • As an entry-level Java Developer with less than 1 year of work experience one can expect to draw an average total salary of ₹377,518.
  • At early career stage as Java Developer with 1-4 years of work experience one may earn an average total Pay of ₹510,413.
  • Reaching mid-career level as Java Developer with 5-9 years of work experience one may earn an average total compensation of ₹844,613.
  • As an experienced Java Developer professional with 10-19 years of work experience on may make an average total salary of ₹1,373,565.