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English Teacher Opening And Vacancy

Want the world to speak good English? Then an English teacher's job is just the job for you. In an English teacher's job, you would need to educate your wards in grammar apart from writing skills. Apart from that you will also need to work with students in examining and scrutinising texts and reading classics as well. As an English teacher, you will require at least a bachelor's degree in education. English teachers are entrusted to direct and instruct in language development apart from take courses in literature. As part of an English teacher's job, you will be expected to tutor pupils in basic verbal as well as written comprehension skills while at the same time concentrating on students' analytical and formulation skills and know-how. You will also need to cover areas in reading comprehension, concise and long form of writing, grammar, improvement in vocabulary, and along with that, punctuation and sentence development too. Listening and visual literacy is also another important aspect that the English teacher will need to look into. As a teacher, the candidate will be called upon to act as a supervisor and instructor for students. From developing lesson plans and a curriculum to giving lectures and allocating work, it all comes under the teacher's purview. Not just that, the English teacher will also be required to evaluate progress, take attendance, and manage the classroom. S/he will also have to work in tandem with parents and school administration and deal with student problems and challenges. Apart from that, the candidate aspiring for an English teacher's job will need to offer extra assistance to some kids and identify learning disabilities if there are any.