Business Development Manager Jobs

3-6 years

29 days ago

Business Development Manager Opening And Vacancy

A Business Development Manager Job is for the candidate who is focused on developing a business growth strategy that lays emphasis on financial gain. The business development manager will have to look into arranging business development meetings with prospective clients. As the face of the company, the aspirant will have to showcase unending dedication that can help create as well as apply an effective sales strategy. The candidate's goal would be to drive sustainable financial growth using methodologies that can boost sales and also forge strong relationships with clients. The Business Development Manager will be required to focus on the company's growth coupled with customer satisfaction. S/he will be called upon to conduct research to identify new markets and customer needs. The aspirant will also be asked to arrange business meetings with prospective clients and take care of the promotion of the organization's goods and services taking into consideration the clients' objectives. Preparation of sales contracts that ensure adherence to law-established rules and guidelines is also the KRA of a candidate. S/he will also have to keep records of sales, revenue, invoices etc. and also offer trustworthy feedback and after-sales support. With a flair for customer support and a proficiency in MS Office and CRM software (e.g. Salesforce), the candidate can fare really well in this domain.