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Azure Job Vacancies

In contemporary times, cloud computing has become a life line for most corporates. Due to an entire technology makeover and offices in various locations it has become mandatory for companies to work and maintain records over highly protected cloud networks. This internet-based computing model allows user to use data of the company if he is authorized with the username and the password.

Microsoft Azure is been a market leader and is been in a constant demand by most people in the industry. This program provides services under the Iaas and Paas cloud segments. The best part with this software is that there are lot of different sort of services available with Microsoft Azure as per the business requirements. So, if you want to start a career journey in Azure jobs then here is our guide to empower you with information and give you right information for a better decision.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is an innovative software that allows you to access company’s data from anywhere you want. The only requirement for this is a laptop, a high-speed internet connection, username and password.

It is the on-demand transfer of compute power, database loading and storing, applications, and other IT capitals through a cloud services display place via the internet with a fast payment facility. Cloud computing enables a simple way to go to servers, storage, databases and a numerous set of application services on the Internet cloud storage.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of the highly optimized cloud-based computing services that allows a company to meet their business goals and allows them to tackle information transfer hassle on day to day basis. Microsoft azure is an extensive software which has various segments and can be used for to perform various functions over cloud. The platform promises an intriguing insight as well for the company to check on the functions and assess ability by the employees. This is a highly secured platform that allows companies to work in a safe and protected environment. 

What are the qualification requirements for Azure jobs?

To make a career in azure jobs one needs to take a certification course in Microsoft Azure. The requirements for course are as follows:

This course is specifically designed for computer technology professionals, who have a valid experience in executing work on azure. Following are the skills requires to take up this certification course for the development of your career. 

  • The candidate should have 1+ years of web development experience i.e. (.NET, PHP, Ruby, or Python)
  • He must have an intermediate level understanding of networking concepts
  • The candidate should have good knowledge of the basic system of the MS Azure platform
  • Should have a basic understanding with the azure infrastructure topics like active directory, networking and PowerShell.

Finally, to take-up the Microsoft Azure certification exam one has to register on the Microsoft website and take a complete training program. Once this is done the candidate may apply and schedule an online certification test.

What is the scope for Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of the highly used cloud computing system in the corporate world. This defines the need of people to work in the organization in this domain. To start a career in the field of Azure, one needs to take-up a certification course in Microsoft Azure. This will allow companies and recruiters to understand your skills the certificate will make sure that the candidate has the capabilities and knowledge inclined toward the need of the business. Microsoft Azure certification will create a progressive way for faster hiring of a candidate and unlock work opportunities with various top organisations.

What are the various positions available in Azure jobs?

  • Azure Administrator
  • Storage Administrators
  • Azure Developer
  • Azure Solution Architect
  • Azure Consultant
  • Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Azure Security Engineer
  • Azure Data Scientist
  • Azure AI Engineer
  • Azure Data Engineer
  • Application Engineers
  • Identity Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Server Engineers
  • Virtualization Engineers
  • .NET Developers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • QA Engineers

What salary one may expect in Azure jobs?

  • As an entry level azure professional with 1 year of work experience when can make an average total salary of ₹ 3,50,000.
  • In early career stage as azure professional with 1-4 years of work experience one can take home an average total salary of ₹6,60,000.
  • Reaching mid-career as azure professional with 5-9 years of work experience one can earn an average total pay of ₹11,00,000.
  • As an experienced azure professional with 10-19 years of work experience one can make an average total salary of ₹19,00,000.
  • In the latter stage as an azure professional with 20-25 years of work experience one can take an average total compensation of ₹27,00,000.